3-Hour Diet

The 3-Hour Diet was developed by Jorge Cruise, a popular American fitness coach, after his long-term investigation and following to different other diet plans.

Although the book on the diet saw the world not so long time ago (in 2005), it had rapidly become well-known and tempting for many people due to the emphasized positive attitude to all the foods and different eating habits.

This diet plan allows consuming everything a person likes. Weight loss is achieved by eating it all in the right time (every three hours) in the right portioning (six small portions instead of the usual three meals a day). However, learning the instructions thoroughly, a clever dieter will understand that it also matters what to eat, but this aspect is advocated in a very soft and almost invisible way.

The basic idea of the 3-Hour Diet is to reactivate body metabolism every three hours to make it consume fat, stop the starvation protection mechanism, and preserve muscles.

Positiveness is also observed in the expected results one can achieve while following to this diet. A person is guaranteed to lose as much as it is necessary to reach the ideal body mass; it may be 5, 50, 100, or more pounds. Not less than 2 pounds of weight loss is promised per week.

The diet is said to be easy to follow, since it requires no calories counting, no depriving oneself of any foods, and no exercising. A dieter will control his appetite as well as be aware of what and how much he eats. In the long run, a diet is supposed to become and remain a healthy life-style.

On the other hand, the 3-Hour Diet has many obvious weak-points. First of all, it is a lack of the scientific support of the theories suggested and results promised. On the contrary, scientists confirm that metabolism depends on many other things, which even have nothing to do with eating; starvation mode does not start in three hours after meal; and exercising and activity are also vitally important for our bodies and health.

Besides, it is rather difficult for busy people to find time for eating every three hours, as well as for planning meals and buying foods in advance, as the diet author recommends.

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