The 3-Hour Diet: General Information

Diet Author Jorge Cruise is the author of the best-selling book “The Three-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin” and the “8 Minutes in the Morning” weight-loss series. He is also AOL’s exclusive weight-loss coach as well as “USA Weekend” and “First for Women” magazines fitness columnist. This weight-loss guru for busy people appears regularly on TV shows like “Good Morning America,” “Oprah,” “The Today Show,” CNN and others.

Being interested in obesity issues, he attended the University of California in San Diego, Dartmouth College, the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the American Council on Exercise. Now Jorge Cruise is one of the leading USA experts on weight-loss problems.

Diet Categorization The 3-Hour Diet is declared to be a plan opposite to all those, which restrict the consumption of definite foods. On the contrary, here a dieter is encouraged to eat everything in smaller portions, paying special attention to the time of having meals, the interval between which is strictly 3 hours. The diet is said to promote healthy metabolism through the consumption of meals in the right time, which will result in achieving and maintaining the ideal body mass.

Diet History The book on 3-Hour Diet was published on April 1, 2005, and became the logical continuation of the previous works by Jorge Cruise on weight-loss issues. The given book is the result of long-term author’s observations, studies, and comparison of other diet plans and their efficacy.

Diet motto The key idea of the 3-Hour Diet is that losing weight is not in what you eat, but rather, when you eat it. The plan is built on the belief that in 3 hours after meal the starvation mechanism is turned on, the metabolism slows down, and the lean muscles become burnt by the hunger in order to produce energy. Eating smaller portions of different foods (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) every 3 hours resets body’s metabolism and the starvation protection mechanism, so that fat is burnt instead of the lean muscles. Therefore, timing is said to be everything on the way of getting rid of the excessive fat, restoring healthy metabolism, and thus achieving weight loss.

Diet Duration Jorge Cruise claims that his diet plan was developed to be used life-long. It is, actually, a way of a healthy life-style, which is aimed in permanent maintaining of the ideal body mass and preserving overall health.

What improvements are declared by the diet? The magic results are promised to be seen immediately: losing two pounds every week till the ideal body mass is reached; eliminating belly fat first by lowering cortisol levels - a hormone, associated with abdominal fat; keeping metabolism active, which will result in constant fat burning and preserving lean muscles. Besides, all this will be accompanied with the improvement of psychological state, since the plan is easy-to-follow, does not cause hunger, and raises self-esteem due to the fast and visible results.