The 3-Hour Diet: Pros and Cons

Dieting is fashion today. Every fitness coach considers it his duty to create a diet plan. Dozens of them spring up so fast that it is impossible for the scientists to conduct appropriate trials to prove their safety and efficacy.

As for the 3-Hour Diet, created by a well-known American fitness coach Jorge Cruise, professionals defined several pros and cons of this eating plan (no wonder - there is nothing perfect in this world), taking into account the impressions of millions of people, who had already tried it.

Pros The diet is said to be easy to follow. First of all, no special foods are needed. Secondly, a dieter will not deprive him-/herself of favorite dishes, because all the foods are allowed. He/she will also feel no hunger due to eating every three hours, controlling appetite at the same time and being aware of what and how much he/she consumes.

Visualization is another helpful aspect of the diet plan. Visual aids with many simple and tasty recipes, food pyramid, determining which foods fall into which categories, and templates of the meals ensure the success of the diet. Furthermore, visualization spares a dieter calories counting, as the proportions of different foods to be consumed can also be found in the book.

The 3-Hour Diet is considered to be a synonym of a healthy life-style; therefore, it can become a life-long eating habit.

This diet is also very comfortable to follow, because it requires no exercising at all – a thing, which often scares obese people.

Doubtful Pros The whole diet is about changing of the “wrong” body metabolism into the “right” one. However, today science cannot answer the question whether it is safe to affect it; furthermore, it is not even exactly known whether it is possible to change metabolism with eating alone.

Life-long maintenance of the ideal body mass, promised by the diet author, seems to be the issue of the highest importance for all suffering from obesity. At the same time, the 3-Hour Diet is so young that there is no data on whether people can control their weight at least for some time.

Cons Lack of the scientific support of the Jorge Cruise’s points of view concerning metabolism, starvation protection mechanism, converting lean muscles into energy prior to consuming fat for this reason is the main weak-point of the 3-Hour Diet for those, who want to have maximum reliable information before starting it.

It is not known whether any scientific trials were conducted by the author and his team before putting the diet into practice. Neither there is official information whether the diet really works.

In fact, scientists, nutritionists, and doctors discovered long ago quite the opposite data concerning the key notions of the 3-Hour Diet. They confirm that not only eating affects metabolism, but such things as genetics, activity levels, body composition, age, and health condition play a significant role in this process, too.

Experts also note that starvation protection mechanism doesn’t start in three hours after meal. Actually, this process is influenced by person’s activity rates and the amount of energy a body uses to fulfill the activity.

One more important thing concerns exercising, which is commonly considered to be necessary for well-being and good health at any point of life (it is an ancient and proven statement that life is in motion; who dares deny axioms?).

And the last, but still important note: the diet is developed for busy people, as it is confirmed; however, it is true that especially those busy people can hardly find time for eating at least three meals a day. Paradoxically, isn’t it?


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