The Abs Diet: The Diet Plan

The whole concept of the Abs Diet is focused on building the six-pack abs as the way to lose weight, achieve normal body mass, and improve health in general. Of course, the diet plan smells like a testosterone a little; but, in fact, it is not surprising, since the diet is created by the editor-in-chief of the famous world magazine Men’s Health Dave Zinczenko.

The main idea of the diet is that every pound of gained muscles makes the body to burn additional 50 calories per day; so increasing the muscles weight for 10 pounds one may get about 500 calories burnt. This may lead to 1 pound of weight loss per week even without any changes in eating habits. It is just the muscles you build that help you lose body fat.

The Abs Diet offers its followers a six-week plan with detailed description of foods to eat and foods to avoid. Another key part of the diet is exercising; the author recommends 20-minutes workouts three times a week and gives the detailed description of how to exercise. The initial six-week phase is followed by lifelong period of maintenance.

Explaining when to eat and how much to eat being on the Abs Diet, the author underlines that his eating plan is not a diet, making its followers to deprive, feel hunger or crave for the favorite foods. You are invited to eat 6 times a day with three main meals and three smaller snacks. Meal portions are not specified, but it is said that adding products from the list of 12 superfoods should keep you out of hunger and eliminate urges to eat a lot.

Speaking about the Abs Diet menu, David Zinczenko offers the list of 12 superfoods, which are said to provide human body with all the necessary vitamins and nutritional elements. At the same time, the list of superfoods does not mean that a dieter should restrict the consumption of all the other foods: you are recommended only to add any two or three foods from the list in each of your major three meals and one superfood in each of the snacks. Since the list of 12 superfoods covers really a wide range of products, it seems to be quite easy for everyone to compose a meal according to personal preferences and to diet recommendations at the same time.

So, the Abs Diet superfoods include almonds and nuts, beans and other legumes, spinach and other green vegetables, non-fat or low-fat diary products, oatmeal, eggs, turkey and other lean meats, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grain breads and cereals, raspberries and other berries, and, finally, protein (whey) powder to help you build muscles and burn fat.

Foods to avoid, while on the Abs Diet, are saturated fats (bacon, sausages etc.), whole milk and high-fat diary products, fried foods, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oil, white bread, bagels and some sugar-rich jellies.

Alcohol is not welcomed when you are on the Abs Diet, at least for the first 6 week period, since it provokes eating more, but prevents the body from burning calories. On the other hand, the Abs Diet strongly recommends drinking eight glasses of water to keep proper hydro-balance in the organism and to flash all the waste products out of the body.

Finally, to make the diet even more alluring for people, David Zinczenko offers the diet followers to forget about all the rules and diet recommendations for one meal per week and have whatever one wants or misses the most for this “cheat meal”.

Exercising is another part of the Abs Diet, which is said to be of no less importance than the eating plan itself. The Abs Diet promotes strength training, which means that you are advised to spend less time in the gym, but put much more efforts while exercising. The recommended workouts are focused on building large muscles of legs, shoulders and abdomen.

In general, the Abs diet offers people to have three strength trainings a week and abs-exercising twice a week. Light cardiovascular exercising, such as jogging, running or swimming, is optional within the abs diet exercise regimen.

To sum up the description of the Abs Diet regimen, it would not be out of place here to specify the prospects, which can be ensured by following the diet. Though the author does not give specific figures on weight loss, one can expect approximately 10-15 pounds of body mass lost in six week period. Add to this perspective a couple of pounds of gained muscles and you will have a nice motivation to think about the abs diet as about your weight loss strategy.