The Blood Type Diet

Eat Right For Your Type – this is the title of the book, introducing one of the most controversial, revolutionary, intriguing and still extremely popular weight-loss program, called the Blood Type Diet, also known as BTD or just ER4YT.

The diet was created by the known naturopath and researcher Dr. Peter D’Adamo. The idea about the possible interaction of foods people eat and their blood type was initially suggested by his farther, but it took about 20 year for Peter D’Adamo to research the idea and turn the theory into a practical guideline. The first book on the Blood Type Diet appeared in 1996 and soon became one of the best-sellers in the USA.

The key idea of the Blood Type Diet is expressed in the title of the first book – “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. This diet is about eating foods, which are determined by nothing but your personal blood type.

According to the BTD there is no need to try different types of diets in order to find the one, which is really effective and safe. Our bodies have already been tuned in to a specific eating regimen and menu. And it is the blood type, which determines what kind of food one should eat, and what type of diet it is better to follow. For example, if your blood is type 0 – the ER4YT guideline recommends sticking to a high-protein diet; and if you are type A – you'd better get rid of all frozen steaks and pizza in the fridge and become a real fan of the vegetarian diet.

It is hard to say how many pounds one can expect to lose with the Blood Type Diet, but the author assures that his program helps to avoid agglutination – a dangerous situation of blood cells sticking together, which is the cause of many health disorder including obesity and overweight.

However, in spite of the “best-seller” status, the Blood Type Diet is mostly criticized by the scientists, dietitians and experts in healthy eating. Lack of scientifically proved evidences, anecdotal theory, and the absence of controlled clinical trials to support the BTD ideas are the major arguments against the diet.

On the other hand, people with blood type B can really benefit from following the diet, because this blood type, according to Dr. D’Adamo, predisposes a balanced eating plan with all the food groups allowed and supplied with sound tips on exercising and fitness.

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