Blood Type Diet: How Does It Work

The book “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” by Dr. D’Adamo presented a new revolutionary approach to dieting and weight-loss. The key idea of the Blood Type Diet, which says that the character of the diet should be determined by the blood type of a dieter, is so much revolutionary that till now this weight-loss and general health improvement program remains one of the most arguable issues among the experts in dietetics.

Though there are not many professionals, advocating the theory of Dr. D'Adamo, there are about 1.000 scientific works collected by the author and over 20 years of research work to prove his suggestions. So, what is the theory behind the Blood Type Diet, which gave rise to so many disputes among the scientists and which brought the fame of the most intriguing health author to Dr. Peter D’Adamo?

The whole idea is built on the suggestion that there is a connection between the blood type and the way the human body treats different types of foods. In other words, it means that the blood type of a person determines what foods are good for him and what are bad. Thus, eating foods, which do not suit one’s blood type, leads to many health problems, including weight gain. On the other hand, designing diet menu in accordance with the personal blood type is the way to improve health and avoid many complications, caused by improper eating.

According to Dr. D’Adamo, lectins, tiny molecules found throughout the nature, predispose the interaction between foods and each blood group. Lectins are known for their ability to cause agglutination (binding) of some molecules, such as carbohydrates, for example. However, the nature of lectins, as well as their actual role, still remains undiscovered.

In the theory of Blood Type Diet eating wrong foods leads to the situation, when lectins cause red blood cells to stick together. Of course, such bound cells are bigger in size than individual cells, and it gets more and more challenging for them to travel through the tiny capillaries in many organs of the human body. As the result, the blood capillaries begin to narrow and finally clog up, causing kind of micro infarctions in many vitally important tissues of the human body.

That is why the Blood Type Diet works to show people what types of food are allowed for specific blood type and what products should be avoided in order to prevent the process of red cells agglutination by lectins. For example, people with blood type 0 are recommended to eat meat, but avoid wheat products or dairy; and those with type A are recommended to eat vegetables, but avoid all types of meat.

Besides, the Blood Type Diet says that there is also a connection between one's blood group and the level of stomach juices. For example, people with blood type 0 have the increased level of stomach acid, which may lead to ulcers development. In this situation eating meat may really help, because transforming the roasted beefsteak into fuel for human body requires much more stomach acid than it is needed to digest veggie salad, for example.

Finally, it should be mentioned that though the theory of Blood Type Diet seems to be overfilled with complicated scientific terms, such as lectins or agglutination, the ideas of Dr. D'Adamo have not found many supporters among other scientists. In fact, the official science, for the time being, agrees that there are lectins in certain foods with agglutinating ability, though they react identically with each blood type. This is the main difference between the official science and the Blood Type Diet theory.