Cambridge Diet

Have you ever been to Cambridge? Yes?! Then you probably know that this town is not only a scientific center of Britain and the residence of a world-known university, it is also a place where a very popular diet plan known as the Cambridge Diet was brought to life.

In early 1970's Dr. Alan Howard and his colleges research nutritionists and medical doctors were fighting with a problem of obesity and overweight at the University of Cambridge and Middlesex Hospital. After nearly a decade of investigations and successful trials a new concentrated but nutritionally balanced weight program appeared.

The commercial rights to the formula were acquired by the American company Cambridge Plan International and after the conduction of more research and some improvements in 1979 the Cambridge Diet emerged. Since 1980 it is on the market of the United States.

The idea of Dr. Howard was a development of a nutritional formula that would combine all necessary for the organism nutrients, minerals and vitamins in a minimal number of calories. This idea is the core of the diet plan. Cambridge meal replacements in the form of bars, shakes and formulas in various flavors are perfectly balanced food for those who want to lose their weight quickly and efficiently.

The Cambridge Diet has different programs depending on the expected results of a dieter. It can be used as a sole source of nutrition, i.e. the dieter will take only Cambridge meals and no conventional food. In this case he or she can expect 5 to 7 pounds weight loss per week.

On the other hand it is also possible to combine Cambridge products with some reasonable portions of regular food and nevertheless lose weight. The results will be more gradual but run up to 3 to 5 pounds per week.

Well-nutritional balance, variety of diet products and flexible programs can be ascribed to the main pros of this diet plan. The prepackage foods provide the precise amount of all required for the body minerals, nutrients and calories. Each menu is easy and quick to prepare.

At the same time many dieticians criticize the diet for the fact that it doesn't change eating habits of a person in a long term thus it’s useless for weight management; besides a well balanced diet should consist of normal proportions of conventional products and not of supplements and prepackaged food. This diet doesn’t pay any attention to the physical exercises and concentrates only on the eating plan.

So, as every diet the Cambridge Diet has its own pluses and minuses. Before starting it you should carefully consider them because the issue at stake is your own health. The information on will hopefully help you to make the right choice.

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