Cambridge Diet: Diet Plan

The main concept of many diets is food or rather its complete or partial absence. The developers of the Cambridge Diet approached this matter from another point of view. They suggested replacing the conventional foods with the nutritionally balanced prepackaged meals.

The prepackaged Cambridge meals come in different formats. These can be sachets of powder which should be mixed with water to produce soups or shakes, formulas in various flavors, ready-to-drink beverages or nutrition bars for those who want something to chew.

The average Cambridge meal contains between 137-172 kcal. Though the meals are low caloric, each of them provides the necessary levels of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Besides they assure daily ration of all vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

As to the diet plan itself several programs were elaborated, each depending on such factors as the desired weight loss outcome, the rate of loosing weight and the overall goal, i.e. whether the dieter wants to lose weight, to maintain the achieved result or just to have perfectly-balanced diet.

So, according to the above-mentioned factors four programs can be singled out: the Sole Source program (rapid and effective weight loss), Meal Replacement program (gradual weight loss), Meal Replacement program (long-term weight maintenance) and Nutritional Supplementation program (balanced nutrition).

The Sole Source program is for those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 25 and want to lose more than 3 kg rapidly. The idea of this program is to replace all your daily meals with the Cambridge prepackaged food, i.e. Cambridge meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No conventional food is allowed (not even fruits or vegetables). Nothing complicated, just 3 servings of Cambridge meals for women and 4 servings for women over 173 cm tall and men.

To avoid dehydration a lot of fluid should be drunk. In addition to the water that is used for the preparation of obligatory meals you should drink at least 3 l of fluid a day. The sufficient amount of fluid is necessary because the Cambridge Diet is a highly concentrated food and additional liquid will dilute it thus helping the organism to achieve its normal state.

There are also some restrictions concerning liquid that you will consume. You can’t drink everything you like and forget about sugar and milk in your coffee or tea. Alcohol is forbidden as well. The good choice would be tap water, bottled water, coffee, tee, calorie-free diet drinks (no fruit juices and milky drinks).

All in all the Sole Source program can’t be followed longer than four weeks at a time. The positive thing about the Cambridge Diet is its combinability and flexibility. If because of some reasons “Sole Source” can’t be used or you want to lose weight more gradually there is Meal Replacement program. When on this program you should replace two meals from your daily eating regime with the Cambridge products.

Meal Replacement program can be also followed in the case when the ideal weight is achieved and the main goal is to maintain it. Having one or two Cambridge servings instead of regular meals will help not only to stick to the newly acquired weight but to get a more balanced nutrition as well.

Cambridge products can be also used for the improvement of general nutrition in the Nutritional Supplementation program. They are excellent food supplements as they contain all essential for the body nutrients and minerals.

The variety of Cambridge programs gives you a good chance to lose weight or just to get a well-balanced nutrition. It's up to you. There is only one thing that should be remembered nothing can be realized without you making every effort to succeed.