Curves Diet: Diet Plan

Every woman is unique. She has her own temperament, character and perception of the surrounding world. She was and remains a mysterious enigma that the men have been trying to solve since the creation of the universe. With so many peculiarities and distinctions it is logically to suppose that every woman can’t lose or gain weight in the same way and at the same pace.

The authors of the Curves Diet Gary Heavin and Carol Colman considered this point and elaborated two diet plans within one dieting approach. Working out the plans they tried to take into account the fact how the dieters responded to the calories and carbohydrates in their daily meals.

The book on the diet contains two tests which should help to define the best suitable meal plan for the dieter: the Carbohydrate-Sensitive or Calorie-Sensitive plan. If the chosen plan doesn’t work out it is possible to switch them.

Both carbohydrate-sensitive and calorie-sensitive plans are high in protein (ranging from 30% to 45%) and limit carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and sweets are not desirable in the daily menu). Consumption of enough water is also essential for the diet plans. Both plans can be divided into three phases.

The Carbohydrate Sensitive Plan

Phase 1 (one or two weeks) Carbs should be restricted up to 20 grams a day, one protein shake daily, enough water.

Phase 2 (till the desired weight) The intake of carbs is increased to 40-60 a day, one protein shake daily, certain fruits, vegetables and whole grains are allowed, about 40% of calories are derived from protein.

Phase 3 (so called maintenance stage) There is no specific food plan to follow. Calories should be increased to 2,500—3,000 a day. If three to five pounds are regained the dieter should return to phase 1 for 3 days to lose excess pounds.

The Calorie Sensitive Plan

Phase 1 (one or two weeks) Less than 1200 calories and less than 60 grams of carbs a day, unlimited protein, one protein shake daily, enough water.

Phase 2 (till the desired weight) The calories intake is increased to 1600 but still less than 60 grams of carbs a day, one protein shake daily, mostly protein food.

Phase 3 (so called maintenance stage) The same guidelines as for the phase 3 of the carbohydrate sensitive plan. If the dieter reaches a plateau she should switch to another meal plan or to speed up her metabolism eating 3, 000 calories a day.

The authors of the diet recommend dividing all food consumption into six small meals, for example, a meal of strawberries and some cottage cheese, cooked carrots, some salad or low-carb crackers and so on. Particular emphasis is placed on the protein shakes that should be consumed on a daily basis till the phase 3.

Supplements are also an essential part of this weight loss program. There is even the whole chapter in the diet book dedicated to the significance of multivitamins and minerals to the overall result of the diet plan.

The integral part of the Curves Diet is its physical workouts. The Curves workout lasts only 30 minutes but integrates three major components of fitness: strength training, cardiovascular training and stretching. It is not necessarily to visit gym to complete this program; it can be done at home as well. In the Curves workout each exercise is repeated for forty seconds and the next exercise is concentrated on another muscle group. The workouts taken three times a week will build a sufficient body muscle, speed up the metabolic rate and increase the energy level.

The Curves Diet brings together a diet plan and a fitness program but leaves enough room for every woman to choose and individualize the whole concept according to her personal and individual needs.


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