Curves Diet: General Information

Diet Author

The book on the Curves Diet by Gary Heavin and Carol Colman appeared on the market after the foundation of Curves weight loss centers for women. It was a kind of additional dietary guidelines and eating regimen to the fitness program available in these centers.

Gary Heavin is a founder of Curves International, a chain of sport centers that are located in more than 40 countries all over the world. He is a nutrition counselor specializing in women’s fitness who has spent almost 30 years dealing with issues of health and well-balanced nutrition. After his bestseller Curves: Permanent Weight Loss without Permanent Dieting he wrote another one Curves on the Go and some other books on dieting and weight loss.

Diet Categorization

The two basic meal plans are recommended to the dieters taking into account their sensitivity towards carbohydrates or calories: a reduced carbohydrate plan and a lower calorie plan (about 1200 calories a day). Phases 1 and 2 of both plans are basically high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating regimens. Depending on the chosen plan the protein intake ranges from 30% to 45%.

Diet History

The diet author tries to present the Curves Diet as an utterly unique and new idea. But many critics find that it resembles the Atkins Diet to some extent and accuse Gary Heavin of using Dr. Atkins’ dietary approach. The opponents also claim that the books on the diet were written only with the advertising purposes to promote the Curves weight loss centers. Nevertheless many women in the USA and abroad follow the Curves diet plan.

Diet Motto

The idea behind this diet is to reasonably combine physical workouts with the proper eating regimen. The Curves workout includes resistance and strength training, aerobics and stretching. These 30-minute workouts help to build more muscle since the more muscle one has; the more calories the body burns, even at rest.

A high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet assist in boosting the metabolic rate and keeping the metabolism at high levels, because it is known that a person with a high metabolism can eat more and nevertheless won't gain weight. Since not everyone loses weight in the same way, two meal plans were elaborated: carbohydrate-sensitive and calorie sensitive plans. The regulation of meal times and carbohydrate intake hastens weight loss.

Diet Duration

It is impossible to tell exactly how long it will take to achieve the set goal, it depends on every individual woman and peculiarities of her organism but the diet plan can be divided into the following phases:

Phase #1 – the strictest phase of the diet, which lasts for one or two weeks;

Phase #2 – allows more food choices but still sticks to the meal plan and lasts until the desired weight is achieved or a plateau is hit (this phase can take 5 weeks or more);

Phase #3 – theoretically it is the end of the diet and there is no need to follow any specific meal plans but it still remains the part of the overall program.

What improvements are declared by the diet?

Following the diet a woman can drop up to 10 pounds during the first phase of the diet and between 1 and 2 pounds a week during the second phase. But even if the weight loss doesn't occur very quickly, the dieter can expect the improvement of muscle mass and muscle tone, balance and overall fitness.

The authors of every diet promise us a world of good including drastic weight loss, perfect well-being, overall health, permanent results..... but whether these promises are destined to be fulfilled you should check and decide for yourself.


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