Curves Diet: How it Works

The theory behind the Curves Diet, the diet plan specially designed for women, consists in combining of a high in protein and low in carbohydrate eating plan with regular exercising. It sounds reasonably and makes good sense. Let’s go in greater detail and find out how exactly it functions.

The main aim of the dieting plan by Gary Heavin and Carol Colman is to raise the dieter’s metabolism. As people lose and gain weight in different ways and at different paces two eating plans were elaborated. One plan limits calorie intake and the other prohibits carbohydrates consequently some dieters follow calorie sensitive plan and the other stick to carbohydrate sensitive plan. To determine whether one is a calorie sensitive or a carbohydrate sensitive person, the dieter should do a test which is available in the book on the diet.

Having determined her “type” the dieter starts with the corresponding diet plan. The Phases 1 and 2 of both plans are mainly high-protein, low-carbohydrate meal plans with some variations. The Phase 2 lasts till the day when the dieter either reaches her desired weight or hits a plateau. If the plateau is reached the creator of the diet recommends turning to the opposite eating plan.

If the Phase 2 is crowned with success and the dieter reaches the goal weight she is instructed to increase the calorie intake to 2,500-3,000 calories a day. Within several days it is possible to regain about 3 to 5 pounds. In that case it is recommended to return to Phase 1 for several days, to shed the regained weight and to proceed with Phase 3.

This cycle is to continue for two or three months till the dieter reaches the point when she doesn’t gain weight any more. If such a point is achieved it can be assumed that the metabolism of the dieter is reset at a higher level. And it is a perfect sign because the higher metabolism is; the more calories are burnt and the faster weight is being lost.

The idea of resetting the dieter’s metabolism is also connected with the notion of the metabolic set point. It means that the body remembers a comfortable metabolism setting; and the inclined to obesity people have this point set so that they constantly have hunger and store fat more quickly. If to control the intake times and the grams of carbohydrates in the daily menus the dieter can change this set point and lose weight more easily.

Parallel to the eating regimen the dieter shouldn't forget about her regular workouts and physical activity. Cardiovascular and functional strength training of the Curves workout assists in building more muscle and actual improvement of the whole muscle mass. And again the more muscle the dieter has, the more calories the body will burn, even at rest. Burning of the calories always leads to the desired weight loss.

To perform the workout the dieter can join one of the popular and located in many countries of the world Curves gyms or to do it independently at home following the instructions of the diet book. The simple thirty minute workout includes resistance and strength training, aerobics and stretching and it is supposed to be done three times a week. It strengthens every muscle group, increases the flexibility of the joints and gives a great workout to the heart and the lungs of the dieter.

Incorporating physical activity and fitness habits into your life is already a big step towards the weight loss. The aim of the eating regimen of the Curves Diet to raise the metabolism will hopefully bring its own successful results. And together these two issues will lead to the main and desirable goal – losing weight.


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