The diet book called “The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom” was published at the end of year 2003. The weight-loss strategy, described in the book, is known today as the Dr. Phil’s diet.

Dr. Phil McGraw is a psychologist with the diplomas from the Midwestern State University and the University of North Texas. After graduating from the University, he joined his father in offering psychological counseling services, but later Dr. Phil initiated his own business. In year 2003 Dr. Phil joined the diet authors community and offered his weight loss program. Nowadays Dr. Phil is one of the most popular show men on the American TV, who appears daily with a portion of practical advices on how to cope with many modern challenges referring family, money and health.

In his diet book Dr. Phil offers seven steps to initiate weight loss and achieve the desired target. Among those steps a significant emphasis is laid on the behavioral changes, called to help dieters avoid bad eating habits, such as emotional and binge eating.

The diet offered by Dr. Phil is not a chase diet. It is not designed to provide quick and significant weight loss. Instead of it Dr. Phil teaches how to understand your weight, determine the problems, find motivations and support necessary for successful process of bringing your body to its ideal condition.

Dr. Phil’s diet has many supporters and advocates, who underline the importance of behavioral changes necessary for gaining success in weight loss. Though eating recommendations of Dr. Phil are not revolutionary or new, they are in compliance with the most official diet regulations. Exercising part of the program also belongs to the advantages of the Dr. Phil’s diet.

On the other hand, Dr. Phil’s diet is criticized for its emphasis on supplements, meals replacements and vitamin pills, since many of them are not well researched and may lead to unpredictable influences on human organism.  

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