Dr. Phil’s Diet: Diet Regimen

Amazingly, but what Dr. Phil McGraw offers in his diet book is not at all something new or revolutionary. He describes quite a well-balanced and sound eating regimen, which is very similar to the diets, supported by most of the doctors and dietitians. The only difference is that people like to listen and to follow the advices, given by Dr. Phil.   

Though the diet plan suggested by Dr. Phil is full of different and, undoubtedly, handy psychological tips and recommendations, it is still interesting what eating regimen is hidden under the mysterious #5 key to the Weight Loss Freedom, which is called “High-Response Cost, High-Yield Foods”. What particular foods can be or cannot be included into the menu plan of a faithful follower of the Dr .Phil’s diet?

In fact, Dr. Phil is very loyal to the food choices within his program. There are not strong taboos or bans. All the food types, such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are welcomed. However, a dieter should not forget that moderation is the key.

Choosing among carbohydrates sources – these could be two or three servings of starches, two servings of fresh fruits and four servings of vegetables daily. By the way, those who want to see weight loss results quicker should reduce their consumption of starchy vegetables, while concentrating on fresh vegetables of all colors.

Soups are also considered to be high-yield foods. That is because it takes more time to eat a bowl of soup than, for example, one hamburger. Besides, soups contain few calories, but a lot of water, which will make you satisfied for longer.

As for the proteins – Dr. Phil recommends lean meat, poultry, fish, low-fat milk products, eggs or soy. Having three daily servings of protein is considered to be OK when you are on the Dr. Phil’s diet.

A dieter should be especially careful with choosing right sources of fat. Dr. Phil advises to consume healthy oils, such as olive, flaxseed or canola oil. By the way, nuts and seed are nice sources of fat too.

Besides particular food options, there are also several basic rules as to the eating of those foods. First of all, Dr. Phil recommends preparing foods instead of buying highly processed or ready-to-eat products. Perhaps, this is because preparing dinner or supper on the kitchen may be treated as a kind of exercising or work, and, consequently, it may help a dieter burn fat.

Furthermore, people should not eat quickly. It is healthier to chew foods carefully and to enjoy all the taste of the meals, prepared at home. Of course, eating should be accompanied with drinking. However, do not even think about cola, beer or alcohol. Water or juices should be considered as drinks when you are on the diet, created by Dr. Phil.

Finally, do not forget about meal replacements products. Beverages and bars, containing a balanced portion of nutrients and vitamins, may be taken when you are extremely busy, and have no time to enjoy the breakfast at home. Of course, one should not abuse meal replacements, because they can in no way substitute the usual meals.


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