Dr. Phils Diet: General Information

Diet Author

The name of Phillip Calvin McGraw, best known as Dr. Phil, is often associated with such epithets as “plain-talking” and “self-improvement guru”. Being one of the most well-known show-man on the American TV, the success of Dr. Phil seems to be based on many ambiguous ideas and approaches.

After graduating from Midwestern State University with the Bachelor degree in psychology, McGraw decided to continue his education at the University of North Texas, where he received Master’s degree in experimental psychology and Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Though Mr. McGraw had always been successful in business, his career entered a new phase of development after working with Oprah Winfrey, who made him a regular participant of her TV show. In 2002 Dr. McGraw launched his own syndicated daily television show. This advice show is focused mainly on finding solutions to the so-called silent epidemics, such as domestic violence, child abuse, depression, racism, substance abuse, etc.

Diet Categorization
Dr. Phil’s diet is not a typical diet. It is rather a life strategy or philosophy on how to take control on one’s eating habits and change them in order to reach and maintain one’s ideal body weight.

It is interesting to note, that unlike Dr. Phil’s initiative with supplements, the diet described in “The Ultimate Weight Solution” is mostly approved by many diet experts. The diet does not aim at the quick weight-loss, and gives food recommendations, which are mostly consistent with the recommendations of nutritional authorities.

Diet History
In 2003 Dr. Phil entered the weight-loss business, promoting shakes, bars, and supplements for dieters. However, a year later Dr. Phil had to withdraw his products from the market because of numerous lawsuits against him. This episode of Dr. Phil’s contribution to the fighting of obesity in America cost him 10.5 million dollars.

Dr. McGraw also authored a book “The Ultimate Weight Solution”, which was published in 2003. In fact, the weight-loss strategy described in this book is most associated with what we usually call Dr. Phil’s diet.

Diet Motto
Perhaps “changing yourself inside out” could be used as the key motto of the Dr. Phil’s diet. In order to do that, Dr. Phil offers seven steps: Right Thinking, Healing Feelings, a No-Fail Environment, Mastery over Food and Impulse Eating, High-Response Cost, High-Yield Foods, Intentional Exercise and Your Circle of Support.

Diet Duration

There are no time limitations in the Dr.Phil’s diet. One is encouraged to learn the seven keys to weight-loss freedom and turn them into steps towards achieving the desired body weight.

What improvements are declared by the diet?

Rapid melting of body fat is definitely not among the improvements of the diet, proposed by Dr. Phil. Achieving the desired weight and keeping it throughout the whole life is the main target of the diet. There are no exact figures as to the weight, which can be lost while following his program, but Dr. Phil promises: “You will be able to attain and permanently maintain what I call your get-real weight - the weight that is healthy and realistic for your age and your physical and genetic makeup, a weight at which you are happy and truly at peace with your size, and a weight that is stable because you have taken control of every factor in your life that keeps it there."

Besides, do not forget that Dr. Phil is said to be self-improvement guru; consequently, his program is designed not only to reduce body weight, but to eliminate all the negative psychological issues associated with obesity, which may keep you from losing weight and leading a happy life.