Dr. Phil’s Diet: How It Works

Dr. Phil’s diet is mainly about programming a dieter for success in his weight loss attempts. That is why the program, suggested by this well-known (but sometimes scandalous) U.S. TV showman, seems to be a combination of purely eating recommendations with purely psychological advices. Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution teaches a dieter not only to eat right foods, but also to think right thoughts in order to determine and fix the psychological issues, associated with gaining weight or inability to successfully lose weight.

There are seven basic recommendations that form the core of the Dr. Phil’s diet and following them is said to help patients correct their body mass. Those recommendations are called “seven keys to weight freedom”, and they explain how Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution works against overweight.

First of all, Dr. Phil recommends to concentrate on The Right Thinking. Forget about all your previous unsuccessful efforts in losing weight, think positively and try to really believe in your success this time.

The next key is called The Healing Feelings, which is called to fight emotional eating as one of the reasons of weight gain. Nowadays, when the life is full of stress and anxiety, eating has become something like an antidepressant pill to distract the mind from the existing problems of everyday life. Some people get used to eat not for supplying the body with necessary fuel, but in order to reduce or increase their emotional status. Of course, such form of substance abuse inevitably leads to obesity. Dr. Phil’s diet works to eliminate such self-defeating habits from a dieter’s life.

Of course, the life is full of temptations, but Dr. Phil recommends to Create a No-Fail Environment, so that nothing could interfere with your successful weight loss.

Mastery Over Food and Impulse Eating is the next step towards your weight loss goal. Along with emotional eating, Dr. Phil accuses binge eating of contributing to weight gain.  

High-Response Cost and High-Yield Foods is, obviously, the most dietetic key to weight loss freedom, suggested by Dr. Phil. This is where the diet turns into a real diet and teaches what foods should be welcomed (those with high fiber content, lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables) and what types of food should be avoided (mostly, fast foods). Together with correct thinking, proper motivations, and avoiding emotional eating, the diet regimen is called to ensure slow but gradual and stable weight loss.

Of course, successful weight loss is impossible without burning the existing fat, and exercising is the most proven and safe way to do that. Dr. Phil pays much attention to the role of exercising in one’s weight loss strategy. That is why “Intentional Exercise” is one of the seven key aspects of the diet. According to Dr. Phil, regular exercising helps to improve metabolism, increase energy level and vitality.  

Finally, Dr. Phil recommends creating personal Circle of Support, a group of people (friends, relatives or other dieters) in order not to stay with your problem tete-a-tete. People can encourage you in the struggle with excessive body weight, create additional motivation, and help to overcome temporary obstacles.

All in all, Dr. Phil’s diet does not seem to work by its own. Weight loss is a personal issue, and a dieter should work hard in order to get success in it. Dr. Phil’s diet only advices in what directions to work and what changes one should implement into his own lifestyle in order to reach and maintain his idea body weight.


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