Dr. Phil’s Diet: Pros and Cons

Appearing daily in his own TV show and giving practical advices on how to improve various aspects of everyday life, Dr. Phil gained a huge popularity among American people as the self-improvement, plain-talking and easy-to-understand psychologist. No wonder, that the diet, suggested by Dr. Phil, also drew the attention of many millions people, trying to shed the surplus of their body weight. However, the dietetics initiatives of Dr. Phil appeared to be very disputable with many undeniable pros as well as with not less important contra arguments.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the Dr. Phil’s diet in comparison to many other eating programs is the set of psychological tips on certain behavioral changes, which are necessary to make weight loss successful. Thus, many experts find Dr. Phil’s recommendations on how to avoid emotional and binge eating very valuable for dieters. Very often it is bad eating habits, which make people gain weight or permanently maintain their weight after dieting.

On the other hand, Dr. Phil’s diet is criticized for its weak eating plan. The representatives of the American Dietetic Association say Dr. Phil lacks experience and knowledge in order to professionally design a detailed and well-balanced eating plan. Though for justice, it should be noted that, on the other hand, many nutrition experts agree that the food choices, recommended by Dr. Phil are mostly healthy, balanced and are in line with the USDA dietary guidelines.

In general, Dr. Phil’s diet is considered to be low-calories eating plan, which in combination with intense exercising, advocated by Dr. Phil, may lead to certain problems. People may feel fatigue because of significant energy deficit, when they will burn much more calories during exercising than they will gain during eating. Surely, that is good for weight loss, when you receive fewer calories than you use, but all is good in moderation.

The recommendations of Dr. Phil to include supplements and vitamin pills into daily menu caused many questions and disputes among the experts; and this aspect of the Dr. Phil’s diet is mostly treated as its drawback. It is said that many of the supplements have not yet been well researched and investigated. Hence, their long-term influence on human body is unknown for the modern science.

Perhaps, it is the negative influence of the class action lawsuit against Dr. Phil and his Shape Up! line of supplements and nutrition pills, widely promoted in 2003. This lawsuit cost Dr. Phil $10.5 million, besides it seems that it created a stain on his reputation as a diet expert.

Dr. Phil’s diet is recommended for all those, who seek for weight loss through certain psychological changes. Right thinking in combination with right eating may definitely help people better understand their problem, determine its cause and build their own personalized way towards weight loss freedom.

Finally, Dr. Phil is definitely should be given a thumb up that he does his best in explaining people that losing weight is not an overnight thing. It requires much time and much diligence in order to lose weight and keep the BMI on the appropriate level lifelong.