Fat Flush

The breakthrough weight-loss system that melts fat and reshapes your body while detoxifying your system – this is the definition of the diet, commonly known as the Fat Flush Plan, which was developed by Ann Louise Gittleman. Nowadays, the Fat Flush diet belongs to the most popular weight-loss strategies with millions of followers in the USA and other countries of the world.

The author of the diet is widely known as the first woman in nutrition. Being a certified nutrition specialist and holding a Ph.D. degree in holistic nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman made a career of a dietitian and weight-loss expert. She wrote more than 25 books, participated in many TV and radio shows, enlightening the key aspects of her vision of the effective weight-loss and general health improvement. In 1993 Ann Louise was named one of the top-ten nutritionists in the USA.

The Fat Flush Plan as the concentration of Gittleman’s ideas in dieting and nutrition appeared in 2001. However, the fundament of this rather revolutionary weight-loss program was formed in 1988, when Ann Louise revealed the downsides of the traditional high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet.

According to the Fat Flush diet, human liver is the major fat-burning organ in the organism. Consequently, maintaining its health is the first step towards effective weight-loss. That is why the key idea and the main target of the Fat Flush diet is detoxification of liver and cleansing it from all the harmful toxins and wastes. Once the liver is detoxified and cleansed, daily supplements of flax seed oil, cranberries juice, psyllium, and multivitamins are necessary to boost weight-loss. In general, the Fat Flush diet recommends eating essential fats instead of trans- and saturated fats, lean proteins instead of highly-processed meat products, and quality low-glycemic carbohydrates instead of starchy and sugary ones.

Fat Flush belongs to the diets, promoting rapid and significant weight-loss. Thus, some people report of losing up to 13 pounds during the initial two-week stage of dieting. The diet official web-site also reports about reduction of waistline for up to 12 inches during the same period of time. Anyway, the actual weight loss depends on multiple factors, such as peculiarities of one’s metabolism or accuracy in following all the diet rules and recommendations.

Though the books on Fat Flush diet became best-sellers in the USA and the program itself gained wide popularity among the overweight and obese people, the Fat Flush Plan was pretty much criticized by many dietitians and experts in healthy eating. Scientists say it is more like an anecdote or pseudoscience that the diet defines liver as the major fat burning organ of the human body. The opponents of the Fat Flash Plan also underline the high cost of following the diet, because of the necessity to buy specific supplements and food products.

On the other hand, the advocates and fans of the Fat Flush diet say this program is really effective in promoting weight loss and ensuring body detoxification. Following the diet recommendations on eating and exercising, one can significantly improve his health, lose weight, increase energy, and even reduce the symptoms of skin disorders or insomnia.

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