Fat Flush Diet: How It Works

Quick and effective weight loss through cleansing and detoxifying of the whole human organism and, especially, liver – its major fat-burning organ, is the main target of the Fat Flush Plan, developed and introduced by Ann Louise Gittleman, commonly known as the first lady in nutrition.

The Fat Flush Plan offers certain dietary instruments to reach the declared weight loss and general health benefits. Cranberry juice, psyllium, essential acids supplements, flax seeds, certain medicinal herbs, and special recommendations on eating regimen, exercising and journaling make the core of the Fat Flush diet strategy. How does a particular component of the diet work in order to ensure the whole concept working? – This is the key question to answer in this article.

In accordance with the Fat Flush Plan flax seeds and psyllium are of crucial importance for their capability to participate in the detoxification process during dieting. Thus, flax seeds are good sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is used to transport all the toxins out of the body. Psyllium is also a powerful cleansing agent due to its ability to absorb water. That is why, psyllium is recommended to take regularly when you are on the Fat Flush in order to cleanse the digestive system.

Another benefit of flax seed is its oil. Unlike saturated or trans-fats, essential flaxseed oil is a natural way to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Besides, flaxseed oil is the source of lignans – mighty substances to prevent prostate and breast cancer.

Another two essential oils, which are recommended by the Fat Flush program to be taken daily as supplements, are GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and CLA (conjugated linolenic acid). Why are these important for dieting? Mainly, because a daily dose of GLA (derived from black currant seed, borage or evening primrose) helps to burn body fat. It is also beneficial to prevent PMS symptoms, some skin disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. CLA supplements also contribute to fat burning process and act as antioxidants in the human organism.

During Fat Flush dieting a lot of waists and toxins are to be eliminated from the organism. That is why drinking is especially emphasized by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. One is recommended to drink really much water in order to cleanse body and flush all the toxins out of it. Among the drinks, unsweetened cranberry juice and the Long Life Cocktail are said to be the mightiest supporters of detoxification.

Cranberry drink or just hot water with fresh lemon is recommended to be the first food option to take after the morning wake-up. Being a natural source of multiple antioxidants and phytonutrients, cranberry drink works to cleanse the organism and tune it for effective metabolism. Cranberry juice mixed with flaxseed oil and psyllium makes the so-called “Long Life Cocktail”. By the way, besides its weight-loss and detoxifying properties, the cocktail is said to be able to fight cellulite.

Why is meals timing and regular exercising so important for a Fat Flush dieter? First of all, putting something in your stomach (like almonds or just a boiled egg) every 2-3 hours maintains stability of the glucose and insulin hormones in blood. The benefits of exercising do not require additional advertising. The Fat Flush Plan just soundly recommends that everyone who is interested in weight loss should exercise to speed up weight loss and promote muscle growth.

It is interesting to note that certain herbs and species play important role within the Fat Flush weight-loss and detoxification program. Here species are used not only to make food tasty and spicy, but to make it healthy as well. Cayenne is highly praised by Ann Louise for its ability to stimulate blood circulation and improve digestion. By the way, cayenne belongs to the so-called thermogenic spices; when eaten, it raises body temperature, thereby raising metabolism for several hours. Mustard and cinnamon are also among the spices, recommended by the Fat FlushPlan. These spices work to relieve inflammation, regulate blood sugar and provide antioxidant protection.

Finally, calories do count for the Fat Flush diet to work successfully. According to the diet recommendations, one should receive about 1100 calories daily during the initial stage of the program and about 1200-1500 during the ongoing weight loss. Truly, such a limited calories intake cannot help promoting quick and significant weight loss.


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