Fit for Life: Diet Plan

Those looking for a suitable diet plan want to satisfy their set goals: to lose some excess pounds, to become more energetic and strong or improve the overall health condition. How to be fit, slim and healthy for life? – Marilyn and Harvey Diamond tried to answer this question and wrote their diet plan "Fit for Life".

The dietary guidelines of the Fit for Life plan include three general principles toward eating and dieting: the principle of high-water-content food, the principle of proper food combining and the principle of the correct consumption of fruit.

The principle of high-water-content food consists in the fact that water is essential for cleansing of the food residues from the human body. Water found in water-containing fruits and vegetables is much better than drinking water for the transportation of the nutrients and flushing of the organism.

The principle of proper food combining is about eating of foods in such combinations that are the most acceptable for the digestive system. If not combined properly the food will remain in the gastrointestinal tract longer and cause health problems. Some foods are never to be eaten together, for example, proteins and starches, because they cannot be digested at the same time.

According to the principle of the correct consumption of fruit fruit should be always eaten alone on an empty stomach. The reason is that fruit doesn’t require any digestion and therefore should assist in the body detoxification. Besides it should be eaten in the morning for the better food utilization and elimination.

So, the Fit for Life diet plan emphasises not only what food should be eaten, but more importantly in what combinations and at what time of the day. According to the authors there are “living” (raw) foods and “dead” (cooked) foods. In order to stay fit and to lose weight the dieter should find the proper balance between the too and consume more living food than dead food.

The Diamonds recommend starting the day with fresh fruit and fruit juices and consume nothing but fruit till noon. No coffee, tea or soda. Such a beginning of the day will purify the organism and provide the boost of energy.

For lunch and dinner there can be either a carbs based meal (for example, grains, beans and some vegetables) or a protein based meal with some cooked vegetables or a salad. But the dieter should never eat a combination of the carbohydrates and the proteins as they can’t be digested at the same time and become toxic. Some combinations of foods are considered to be particular harmful such as meat and potatoes, bread and cheese or toast and eggs.

Salads with raw and cooked vegetables can be eaten both for lunch or dinner, but they shouldn't contain much of salad dressing, the best salad dressings are those without chemical additives. In general vegetables can be eaten in any amounts all the time throughout the afternoon.

Harvey Diamond is against the consumption of the dairy products in the diet. He claims they are very hard to digest and can "clog" the digestive system. According to the Fit for Life diet plan the dieter will get enough calcium through raw foods.

Meat products are also strongly discouraged. Although there are some recipes in the cookbook section of the Fit for Life book offering some dishes with lean meat the diet plan has in general a vegetarian orientation.