Fit for Life: General Information

Diet Author

Fit for Life program was created by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond, a married couple at that time. Their book with the same title saw the world in 1985 and enjoyed a great popularity since its publication. It was one of the fastest-selling diet books in the history of the USA.

The Diamonds were faithful followers of Natural Hygiene, an alternative to medicine trend stating that the primary cause of human diseases is toxemia or poisoning in the blood and the best way of human healing is fasting. Many principles of this orientation were used in Fit for Life diet plan. In 1989 Marilyn and Harvey Diamond wrote the sequel to "Fit for Life" and after the divorce Harvey Diamond published several his own books in which he was dilating on the same theories.

Diet Categorization

The diet plan is difficult to characterize in usual terms. It doesn’t dwell on specific amounts of carbohydrate or fat intakes. It concentrates mainly on consumption of water-containing fruits and vegetables which should make up to 70% of the whole diet food and the residual 30 % can be divided among the rest of foods from the Food Guide Pyramid. Though there is no record of calorie intake, many critics are inclined to think that it is a low calorie regimen.

Diet History

The Diamonds started to occupy themselves with the teaching of Natural Hygiene many years before the appearance of their diet book and Natural Hygiene began its movement in the 19th century. The book and the diet had an enormous success in the 80-s but at the same time were highly criticized by many dietitians and nutritional specialists for the absence of valid and nutritional principles behind it. Many ideas of this diet plan were considered to be pseudoscientific theories.

Diet Motto

To increase energy and to reduce weight without much effort the Fit for Life diet suggests eating of specific foods in specific combination at certain times of the day. The right food combining takes a priority place in this diet plan. According to the authors the proper combinations of foods enhances digestion and contributes to the quick elimination of the “toxic residues” which are otherwise stored in the human organism and make people fat.

Some food combinations, for example egg and toast, cheese and bread, meat and potatoes are particularly harmful. The Diamonds divide all food into living (raw) and dead (cooked) food. The best possible food choices are fresh fruits and vegetables whereas meat and dairy products are strictly limited because they impede the proper digestion. The main motto of the Fit for Life diet is “eating more living food than dead food”.

Diet Duration

This diet plan is lifelong strategy for eating regime. It provides rules and guidelines towards one’s diet without time restrictions. The authors claim that deviations from the chosen way of eating are possible. The dieter can interrupt his or her diet plan but quickly regain the achieved results soon after resumption of the diet.

What improvements are declared by the diet?

The main improvement that is declared by the Fit for Life diet is the general "cleansing" of the body of toxins, residual waste products and by-products hindering the normal digestion. Consumption of big amounts of fruits and vegetables can prevent developing of such diseases as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Besides Fit for Life diet plan promises an increased energy level, fast weight reduction and the general state of well-being.


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