Fit for Life: How it Works

Marilyn and Harvey Diamond have elaborated the Fit for Life program not as a simple diet for loosing weight but as a lifelong philosophy for providing of optimal body functioning and improving of overall health condition.

The core principles of the program are borrowed from an alternative medicine trend, – Natural Hygiene, which promotes periodic fasting and proper food combining. Food combining becomes the central premise in the Fit for Life diet plan. The Diamonds state that people gain weight not due to overeating and the absence of physical activity but because they combine their foods improperly.

Dietary guidelines concerning food combining are directed at internal cleansing of the body from illness-producing toxins. Where do these toxins come from? They are the products of metabolic imbalance, or toxemia, resulting from wastes. Food residues and additives cannot be eliminated from the internal system at the same rate as they are produced.

According to the authors of the diet our digestive tract can’t digest more than one "concentrated food" at a time because the enzymes digesting protein cancel out the action of the enzymes digesting carbohydrates and vice versa. When eaten together foods are accumulated in the digestive system, they are added to the undigested rests from the previous meals and as a result are stored in fat tissues. The more toxins are building up, the more weight is gained.

If to take into consideration everything mentioned above, the main tasks of the proper diet are minimising the level of toxemia, generating a minimum of toxic food residue within the body and enabling the body to expel the toxic waste that is produced, i.e. promoting an adequate cleansing.

To solve these tasks the creators of the Fit for Life diet prescribe the necessary guidelines and define general principles toward eating. These principles include eating of high-water-content food, as it is essential for accomplishing of cleansing, transporting of food nutrients and flushing wastes from the organism; proper food combining that should comply with the digestive chemistry and the correct consumption of fruit, i.e. fruit should be eaten only in the morning on an empty stomach in order to assist in natural detoxification of the body.

If the dieter incorporates these principles into his or her daily routine it will be a huge step not only toward losing weight, but toward being fit and energetic as well. The second step essential for following of the Fit for Life program is learning what foods can be combined and how to do it in such a way that the consumed foods wouldn't be wasted on the incomplete digestion and wouldn’t reduce the body’s ability to eliminate the toxins but on the contrary would aid in digestion and release the energy.

The Diamonds place a particular emphasis on fruit and vegetables consumption. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables are not only irreplaceable sources of vitamins and minerals; they play an important role in food digestion and contribute to absorption of foods from intestinal tract.

Due to this fact the toxins can’t be accumulated and weight can’t be gained, that’s why fruits and vegetables make up 70 % of the whole food in the diet. But they should be consumed in strict accordance with general food combining rules: they are not to be eaten together, fruit and fruit juices make a perfect breakfast whereas vegetables are the most beneficial in the afternoon.

Maybe the food combining rules can sometimes seem hard to understand and difficult to follow, but when there is a definite aim and an irresistible desire to make the way through tht dieting process and to achieve this aim, one can undoubtedly learn all the rules and conquer all the difficulties.


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