The G.I. Diet: General Information

Diet Author
The G.I. Diet, developed by Rick Gallop, transforms the theory of foods glycemic index into an easy and healthy way to permanent weight loss. The simplicity and understandable scientific background of this weight loss plan brought wide popularity of the G.I. Diet among both patients and doctors.

Rick Gallop, the author of the G.I. Diet, is known for his activity in the sphere of public health at the position of president of the Heart and Stroke foundation of Ontario, Canada. He graduated from the Oxford University and moved to Canada in 1964. After 20 years of advertising and marketing business, Rick Gallop joined the Heart and Stroke foundation of Ontario and made a lot to popularize the healthy lifestyle and to explain people all the health risks, associated with smoking, obesity, etc.

After publishing his first book on the G.I.Diet, Rick Gallop joined the cohort of the world known dietitians.

Diet Categorization
The G.I. Diet belongs to the group of diets, based on the glycemic index. The differentiation between healthy and unhealthy food options within the G.I. Diet is based on the speed the body converts each type of food into glucose. In fact, it is a well-balanced eating plan, promoting reasonable ratio between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Diet History
The first book on the G.I. diet by Rick Gallop was published in 2003. However, the theory of glycemic index appeared in 1981, when Dr. David Jenkins invented the glycemic index and showed how different types of food affect glucose level in blood.

The ideas of glycemic index were later transformed by Rick Gallop into an easy-to-understand weight loss program, commonly known nowadays as the G.I. Diet. After publishing his first book “The G.I. Diet: The Easy, Healthy Way to Permanent Weight Loss”, which brought popularity to Rick Gallop and his diet, the author published several other books.

“The G.I. Diet Express: For Busy People”, “The G.I. Diet Cookbook”, “The Family G.I. Diet” and several other books were written by Rick Gallop to explain the secrets of the diet, based on glycemic index, and popularize his weight loss strategy.

Diet motto
Follow the traffic lights and you'll be safe on the road. The same rule may used as a motto for the G.I. Diet, where all the foods are grouped into three “colored” categories. Foods from the “red” group should be avoided, foods from the "yellow" group can be eaten from time to time in moderation, and finally foods from the "green" group can be eaten without any limitations. In other words, the G.I. Diet encourages one to eat products with lower glycemic index and avoid those with high index.

Diet Duration
The G.I. Diet is not a typical diet with strictly defined stages and duration. It is a kind of life-long eating philosophy, which teaches people to choose right foods in order to fight obesity and preserve health during the whole life.

What improvements are declared by the diet?
The G.I. Diet is declared as “not a crash diet”. Thus, it is unlikely that following the rules of the G.I. can help one lose a lot of body fat in a very short space of time. Rick Gallop says his diet is most likely to help a dieter lose about 1 pound per week. However, weight loss rate may be higher if a person is too overweight and has a lot of excessive body fat to burn.

On the other hand, such a moderate rate of weight loss is definitely beneficial for general health: the G.I. Diet does not make one feel hungry or deprived and does not promote extreme and rapid weight loss, which is always stressful for a human body.

Reducing the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon and prostate cancer is another health benefit of the G.I. Diet.


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