Named after a 40-mile area on the southern shore of Long Island with fabulous dunes, sea cliffs and luxurious beaches, the Hamptons Diet is claimed to be designed for those, who want to lose weight and improve health while leading a typical Hamptons life (which is usually associated with sun, fun, money and glamour).

The Hamptons Diet was created by Dr. Fred Pescatore - traditionally trained physician, who had worked for five years as the medical director of the Atkins medical center. However, having different opinions with Dr. Atkins as to the role of fats in a healthy diet, Dr Pescatore decided to start his own way in the world of nutrition. His first book with the description of the new weight-loss program “The Hamptons Diet: Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with the Doctors Delicious Meal Plans” was published in 2005.

The Hamptons Diet is, in fact, a reincarnation of the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet; however, it is improved with the ideas of the Mediterranean style of eating and present-day understanding of metabolism, glycemic index, and nutritional value of different food types. The key idea is to consume healthy carbohydrates, such as vegetables and fruits; nutritionally valuable proteins, such as lean meat and fish; and to limit fat consumption only to the monounsaturated fats. Truly, the Hamptons Diet is especially attentive to the fats in one’s diet, encouraging a dieter to consume macadamia nuts oil as the healthiest source of fat on Earth and avoid even olive oil, if it is processed.

The Hamptons Diet is designed to ensure the Atkins results in weight loss. That means that following the diet recommendations one may expect quick and significant weight loss. To be more precise, 14 pounds in two weeks – this is the weight loss one may expect while following the Hamptons Diet.  

Being one of the newest weight-loss strategies, the Hamptons Diet has got many approvals among the dieters, who reached the success in dieting with Hamptons, as well as among the nutritional experts, who consider the Hamptons Diet to be quite a balanced and reasonable plan. At the same time, following the diet may become quite expensive because of many organic and sometimes very exotic ingredients (such as macadamia nut oil).

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