Hamptons Diet: General Information

Diet Author

Fred Pescatore is a traditionally trained physician, MD, who developed and introduced to public attention the Hamptons Diet – a new weight-loss program with incorporated features of the traditional low-carbohydrate diets and the Mediterranean way of eating.

For five years Dr. Pescatore had worked at the Atkins Center taking up the post of Associate Medical Director. Later he started his own way in the world of nutrition and wrote several books, including the Hamptons Diet.

After publishing his works and spreading his vision on healthy eating through multiple interviews on TV, radio and in magazines, Dr. Fred Precatore joined the line of the most notable experts in nutrition and dieting on the territory of the USA.

Diet Categorization

Having much in similar with traditional low-carb diets, like the Atkins, the Hamptons Diet also introduces a couple of new turns on the way to optimal body weight. Thus, the diet shifts the emphasis from portion control to the right food options, promoting the consumption of healthy monounsaturated fats.

Besides, the diet also has some features of the Mediterranean diet, encouraging its follower to eat more vegetables, fish, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Of course, the uniqueness of the Hemptons Diet is in the promoting of macadamia nut oil, which is said to be even healthier source of fats than olive oil.

Diet History

Obviously, Fred Pescatore was inspired by the Hamptons area in the New York State, commonly associated with the really good life. Good health is a part of “good life” concept, so Dr. Pescatore developed a plan of how to improve people’s health by teaching them to eat right foods, lose excessive body fat, and obtain additional health benefits.

The first book on the Hamptons Diet appeared at the end of 2005. It was called “The Hamptons Diet: Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with the Doctors Delicious Meal Plans”. To promote his weight-loss strategy and give the readers some culinary hints, Dr. Pescatore authored “The Hamptons Diet Cookbook: Enjoying the Hamptons Lifestyle Wherever You Live”, which was published in 2006.

So, the Hamptons Diet belongs to the generation of new weight-loss programs; however, the word “new” means rather a new version of old, familiar diets than an absolutely new approach to weight-loss. However, this should not be necessary treated as the drawback of the diet; after all, the progress is mostly just the improvement of the existing things J

Diet motto

“Eat more vegetables, fish, and omega-3 fatty acids and consume most of your fats in the form of monounsaturates,” – this is the quintessence of the Hamptons Diet concept. Of course, it is just a general recommendation, and the diet itself includes many small, but important details on how to choose healthy vegetables, fish and where to look for monounsaturated fats.

The Hamptons Diet, being to some extend the follower of the Atkins style of dieting, focuses pretty much attention at fat consumption and fat choices. However, unlike early Atkins recommendation to eat any kind of fat, the Hamptons shows what fats are healthy and what are not.

The attitude of the diet to carbohydrates remains loyal to the principles of Atkins: if you want to lose weight - you have to restrict carbohydrates consumption.

Diet Duration

Traditionally, the Hamptons Diet has three stages: the first one is for the beginners, who need to lose fat, the second one is for those, who do not need to lose weight or who are about 5 pounds above their ideal body weight, and, finally, the third stage is designed as the life-long strategy to maintain the optimal body weight and enjoy the fullest range of healthy products.

What improvements are declared by the diet?

Of course, the major benefit of any diet is the amount of body fat, lost due to following the rules of a particular weight-loss program. The Hamptons Diet says that following its recommendations can result in losing 4 – 8 pounds of the body fat weight during the first week of dieting and up to 14 pounds within the next 3 weeks.

Traditionally again, the weight loss is not the only improvement declared by the Hamptons Diet. Due to the certain features of the Mediterranean diet, incorporated into the Hamptons plan, a dieter is encouraged to expect lowering his risks to develop heart problems, diabetes, and arthritis.

Finally, the Hamptons Diet promises its followers to show the way of enjoying the sun, fun, and glamour of the Hamptons lifestyle wherever they live. A fabulous perspective as for the diet, isn’t it?


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