L.A. Shape

The L.A. Shape Diet belongs to the group of recently-developed weight-loss programs. The name of the diet underlines “shape” as one of the key elements of the program, which helps to understand one’s personal body shape and personalize the whole weight-loss plan in conformance with this understanding.  

The diet was developed by Dr. David Heber, a scientist with more than 25 years of experience in treating overweight and obesity in the USA. Dr. Heber received his education in the University of California and Harvard Medical School. Being an expert in nutrition and human physiology, he has always been especially interested in the role of botanical dietary supplements in preventing and treating certain health disorders, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and weight problems. In year 2000 Dr. David Heber was included into the list of the best doctors in America.

The L.A. Shape Diet is a “young” weight-loss program – it has been on the market since 2004, when the book “The L.A. Shape Diet: The 14-Day Total Weight Loss Plan” was published. It is the second diet book written by Dr. David Heber (the first one was called “What Color is Your Diet?”).

The L.A. Shape Diet is a high protein eating plan. This means that the diet promotes weight loss through the increased consumption of protein in the form of shakes, which a dieter is recommended to drink instead of usual meals for breakfast and lunch. Another key idea of the L.A. Shape Diet is to help dieters understand their personal body shape (pear or apple) and personalize their diet in accordance with the individual requirements.

Though the diet does not say how many pounds one can lose following all the recommendations, one may expect some results as soon as in 14 days of being on the diet. Besides, the author of the diet says that you will never feel hunger or lack of energy with the L.A. Shape Diet thanks to the Empowering Shakes with high protein content.

As any other weight loss program, the L.A. Shape Diet has both advantages and drawbacks. The advocates of Dr. Heber and his diet underline the overall healthy profile of the eating plan with the sound recommendations on good carbohydrates consumption and reduced fat intake. Besides, the diet promotes fruits and vegetables, and this makes most of the experts feel positive about the L.A. Shape Diet.

However, all the potential diet followers should keep in mind that after all this is a high protein plan. The opponents of the L.A. Shape Diet say that too much protein in one’s diet may be linked to certain health risks, including decrease in bones density and even weight gain. Others criticize the diet’s attitude to food supplements, which are widely promoted within the L.A. Shape Diet. People say that for the time being the effect of dietary supplements use is not fully investigated, and this may sometimes lead to quite unexpected consequences. 

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