L.A. Shape Diet: General Information

Diet Author

The author of the L.A. Shape Diet is Doctor David Heber, scientist and expert in nutrition, who leads a battle against the global obesity epidemic for the past 25 years, as it is said on his web-site.

Dr. David Heber holds Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy, and Bachelor of Science degrees. He received his education at Harvard Medical School and University of California. Dr. Heber is also certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition.

During his medical career, Dr. David Heber participated in many anti-obesity initiatives, funded by the National Institute of Health, USA.

As a known expert and scientist, the author of L.A. Shape Diet appeared in many TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines, explaining the audience all the dangers of obesity and teaching them to find the way out of the weight problems.

Diet Categorization
A strong emphasis, laid by the L.A. Shape on proteins and their ability to provide quick and effective weight loss, puts this diet to the line of high-protein diets, which are widely popular among sportsmen and body-builders. At the same time, L.A. Shape says it is not possible to achieve long-termed results without having good carbohydrates in the menu plan.

So, as most of the newly-developed weight-loss plans, L.A. Shape does not pinpoint one particular type of food as the only key to weight-loss. Instead, it tries to find the “good” sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which will contribute to weight-loss instead of promoting weight gain. 

Diet History
The presentation of the L.A. Shape Diet was made with the appearance of the book “The L.A. Shape Diet: The 14-Day Total Weight Loss Plan”. This book was published by Dr. David Heber in 2004.

It is interesting to note that two years before Dr. David Heber had published another diet book, called “What Color Is Your Diet?”, where he had offered a surprising approach to nutrition, which explained how the colors of different foods are related to the health benefits, those foods can provide for a human.

Diet Motto
”The L.A. Shape Diet is about the shape of your body and how to change it”, says Dr. David Heber, presenting his book. Indeed, this is a diet, where shape of your body is a key to understanding of what eating strategy you should follow.

L.A. Shape Diet is claimed to be the way to lose excessive body weight totally for 14 days. One or two high protein shakes instead of usual meals plus good carbs and grains, reduced consumption of fats and sound exercising recommendations are the main points of the L.A. Shape Diet.

Diet Duration

Los Angeles is not only a city where body shapes matter. It is also a place with the fast pace of modern living. People living in such places do not have much time to see the results of the diet. That is why with the L.A. Shape Diet it takes only 14 days for a dieter to see whether the diet works for him or not (and that is really good, because at least you won’t spend your time in vain;).

The first week is required for the jump start of weight loss and two weeks are enough “to make you feel more lean and fit than ever before”, according to the diet guidelines.

What improvements are declared by the diet?

The L.A. Shape promises to help dieters lose excessive body fat for just 14 days. This only thing is a great improvement, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the diet will reveal a secret to all its followers whether they are an apple or a pear, and what does this mean for their health condition.

Giving tips on exercising and self-motivation, offering much information on herbs and food supplements are also among the benefits of the L.A. Shape Diet. Even in case someone will not reach his target weight following the recommendations of Dr. David Heber, he will definitely find many interesting and fascinating facts about diet and nutrition reading his book…


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