L.A. Shape Diet: How It Works

The L.A. Shape Diet works by helping people understand their shape and tune their eating habits in accordance with the requirements, clued by the personal body shape. According to Dr. David Heber, the creator of this diet, we all have two body shapes: the first one is what we are and the second is what we want to be… Simple and true, isn’t it?

In order to put weight under control one should first learn what shape he is now. This is the first step towards transforming the present body shape into the desired one.

To determine the shape you are in now, it is necessary to determine where exactly your body fat is mainly concentrated: if it is in the lower part of your body (for example, on the hips) – than you have a pear shape; having fat concentrated in the middle of your body, on the belly and around the waist is the evidence of an apple shape.

It is interesting to note that those with pear shapes are said to be healthier than those with apple-shaped bodies. According to Dr. Heber, fat in the middle of the body is the sign of possible health consequences of obesity, such as diabetes type 2 or different cardiovascular diseases.

Once the body shape is determined, the L.A. Shape Diet starts working to help a dieter build the desired shape and reach optimal weight. Here protein consumption is the key. Dr. Heber says that the amount of protein which comes from one’s meals should correspond to the protein he/she carries inside the organism. If the amount of the consumed protein is too low – the body responds to this situation with the development of overweight and obesity. Consequently, adequate consumption of proteins is the key to reverse weight gain and promote weight loss.

Usually, the daily requirement of protein for women is 100 grams and 150 grams for men. Protein Empowering Shakes are the primary sources of protein when you are on the L. A. Shape Diet. These shakes can be made at home using plenty of recipes from the L.A. Shape Diet. By the way, those shakes are not supplementary to regular meals; the diet encourages one to replace one or two regular meals with the Empowering Shakes. 

According to Dr. Heber, protein shakes help to supply the body with the necessary amount of proteins, which is required for normal functioning of muscles and body organs. Besides, if one consume much protein, he is unlikely to suffer from hunger often.

However, proteins are not the only magic bullets in the L. A. Shape Diet. Good carbohydrates are of no less importance, especially for long-term results of following the diet. All in all 51 % of daily calories should come from carbohydrates and 29% should be derived from proteins.

Other constituents of the L.A. Shape Diet, called by Dr. Heber to help dieters on their ways to better shapes, are exercises, inspiration, supplements and herbs.

In general, the L.A. Shape Diet was designed to work quickly and effectively – it is said that only two weeks is enough for a plan not only to start working, but also to cause visible improvements of one’s body shape and health condition.


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