L.A. Shape Diet: Diet Plan

People say that the L.A. Shape Diet, developed by Dr. David Heber, can show a simple road, leading from the shape you are in now and to the shape you want to be. This way of dieting is based on the eating principles, which are “slightly” different from the official American diet (the one which is recommended by the traditional diet experts and blamed for obesity epidemic by all the alternative dietitians at the same time).

While traditional diet guidelines say that the balanced diet is the one, where 60% of calories come from carbohydrates, 30 % from fats and 10 % from proteins, the L.A. Shape Diet shifts this ratio in favor of proteins. Here the formula of weight-loss is 51/29/20, which means that 51% of one’s daily calories should be taken from carbohydrates, 29% - from protein, and 20% - from fat.

All the further diet recommendations of the L.A. Shape Diet can be derived from this formula. However, these are only figures, and it would not be out of place here to reveal what is behind this mathematic formulation, and what the real food sources of all those percents of carbohydrates, proteins and fats are.  

First of all, let us look at the sources of protein, because it seems to be the most important component of the diet and that very key, which opens the secret door inside human bodies, allowing all the excessive body fat out and health and energy in. Empowering Shakes – these are the main source of protein, promoted by the L.A. Shape Diet. One or two shakes not along but instead of regular meals for breakfast or lunch are said to help a dieter initiate the process of losing weight instead of gaining it.

Vanilla-flavored soy protein powder (1 serving), nonfat dry milk powder (1/3 cup), low-calorie cranberry juice (1 cup), frozen mixed berries (1 cup), a few drops of vanilla extract and 4 ice cubes – this is only one among dozens of recipes, suggested by the L.A. Shape Diet for the preparation of the Empowering Shakes. Furthermore, Dr. Heber encourages everyone to use personal imagination and create own shakes (the only rule is to maintain the necessary amount of proteins – it is 100 grams per day for women and 150 grams for men).

So, when you are on the first week of the L.A. Shape Diet, which is the first stage of the diet, you are recommended to have empowering shakes for breakfast and lunch. For dinner you can have 3-6 ounces of lean meat or fish, 2 cups of steamed veggies and 4 cups of salad. Fruits are allowed for dessert.

During the next stage of the diet (week two) one can have only one meal replacement Empowering Shake for breakfast, and two regular meals for dinner and supper. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is increased during this stage up to 7 servings per day. By the way, mind that Dr. Heber is also the author of the book “What Color Is Your Diet”, so all the vegetables and fruits within the L.A. Shape Diet are also color-coded, depending on their nutritional value and health benefits. Consequently, a dieter is recommended to include something from each of the color groups into the daily ration in order to receive all the spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Speaking about other constituents of the diet, it is worth noting that the L.A. Shape Diet is not very strict or definite about the banned food products. A dieter is recommended to be cautious with eating pizza, cheese, fatty red meats, butter, beans, pasta, potatoes, frozen yogurt, cake, nuts, juices and beer. While coffee is OK, Dr. Heber is not at all a great fan of drinking much water.

Finally, deciding to join the community of the L.A. Shape Diet followers, get ready to make soy a significant component of your daily menu, because Dr. David Heber is said to be a great fan of soy and different soy products.  


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