L.A. Shape Diet: Pros and Cons

It is a usual situation when every newly-appeared weight-loss program quickly becomes surrounded by different comments, reviews, feedbacks, etc. Of course, some of them are positive, and some are quite negative – but all of them are very important for understanding the real value of the particular diet. The L.A. Shape Diet also did not escape from this fate, and below there are the most vivid statements for and against this high-protein weight-loss strategy.

The advocates of the L.A. Shape Diet say…

- The diet provides quick results. Indeed, the L.A. Shape Diet is designed as the 14-days total weight-loss plan. It is done to suite the rapid tempo of modern lifestyle, when people want it all and want it now :).  

- The L.A. Shape Diet is a healthy diet. Mainly because of accenting the role of fruits and vegetables, as well as of exercising for good health, this diet is considered to be a healthy option of weight-loss.

- The diet is suitable for vegetarians. Again, thanks to the broad use of fruits, vegetables, and soy within the L.A. Shape Diet, it is really vegetarian-friendly.

The opponents of the L.A. Shape Diet say… 

- The diet is too low in calories. Though it is a widely known fact that the only way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of calories, received from food, calories limitations may cause some unwanted consequences (such as headaches, dizziness, weakness or even more serious health disorders). Besides, if weight loss is provided by a reduction of calories, what’s the point in stating that it is because of a diet’s miraculous component (unique eating regimen, some exotic ingredient, etc.)?  

- The L.A. Shape Diet promotes too many dietary supplements. The issue of using the dietary supplements is very questionable. Some find them the only means working, and others consider them to be useless or even harmful for health improvement. While the question is still open, it is worth noting that the food supplements are not monitored or regulated by some official authorities (for example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), so one can only use supplements for his own responsibility.

- The diet is too liquid. Having one or two protein shakes instead of regular meals for breakfast or lunch may bring some discomfort for those people, who prefer chewing and savoring the foods.

- The diet is too rich in protein. Even taking into account that there is no single definition of how much protein we need (some say it is about 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men, others say that it is 1 – 1.2 gram per 1 kilo of body weight, which makes about 96 grams for a 80-kg person), the L.A. Shape Diet is very high in protein (100 grams for women and 150 grams for men). Consequently, a person following the L.A. Shape Diet recommendations may face certain consequences of the excess protein in human organism. First of all, it should be mentioned that if you take more protein than your organism requires – it will be turned into body fat. Besides, long-term access of protein may lead to dehydration and calcium loss, which may cause bone problems if untreated. 

To sum up my review of the advantages and disadvantages of the L.A. Shape Diet, I would like to say that the prevalence of cons statements in my review should not be treated as the damning verdict for the L.A. Shape Diet. I just hold an opinion that sound criticism is better than a lot of praising words that have nothing to do with reality :)


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