One man was diagnosed with incurable heart disease but he didn't want to accept the fatal consequences, so he elaborated his nutritional plan and exercise program and started following it. Soon afterwards he achieved significant improvements in his health. It happened in the late 1950s and this man was Nathan Pritikin.
Having seen the positive results of his plan Nathan Pritikin spent almost 20 years studying nutritional approaches of other cultures, conducting some scientific research and making experiments with different diets. He found out that the combination of some exercises with a low in fat and high in fiber diet produced the most significant effect. So, the Pritikin Program appeared.
It became a sensation in 1977 after appearance of Nathan Pritikin on the CBS television declaring his new approach to health improvement, heart attacks prevention and weight loss. His first book The Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise that was published in 1979 quickly became a bestseller.
The key idea behind the Pritikin Diet is a consumption of as little fat and as much fiber as possible. This plan nearly excludes all processed grains and animal protein and focuses on eating of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, see foods and non-fat dairy products. But apart from the healthy diet one should increase the amount of daily exercises and physical activity.
The Pritikin Program was originally developed to conquer the heart diseases but its impact on the weight loss results is also undisputable. Though there are no specific statements as to how many pounds will be lost during a week or two, people doing this program do lose weight. It is usually 10-13 pounds within the first month.
The critics state that the Pritikin Diet is too low in fat and not everyone can be satisfied with this amount and not to feel deprived of something. Moreover low fat intake can affect the consumption of essential fat-soluble vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.
The diet professionals claim that the Pritikin Diet is a sound, scientifically based approach to losing weight. There is a bulk of scientific literature proving that the regimen low in fat and high in fiber helps to prevent many diseases. The diet plan doesn't make you count calories or think out complicated meals with the right percentage of micronutrients. More important than that the program teaches how to ensure maintaining of achieved weight loss.
After bringing necessary changes in your eating habits and lifestyle in general you will not have to wait long for good results. They’ll become apparent not only in lost pounds but in improved health as well. So, let us not waste our time and start improving with right now.
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