Pritikin Diet: How it Works

When somebody asks us what is better to be slim and beautiful or heavy and with more than enough excess pounds around waist, the majority undoubtedly would choose the first option. So, why are we deliberately heading toward the second?

We choose high fat food loaded with bad cholesterol, salt and calories, we can’t pass by creamy cakes and biscuits full of sugar, we avoid fruit and vegetables as if they were something contagious and when we have to get from point A to point B we prefer to do it by car. The result is simple: excess fat, obesity, heart attacks, diabetes and many other diseases.

If we want to prevent or try to change inevitable processes it’s high time to stop and correct our mistakes. There are many programs and plans intending to be of some help. The Pritikin Program is one of them.

As it was already mentioned the Pritikin Diet is a low-fat and high carbohydrate regimen. The main idea of any low-fat diet is to reduce overall fat consumption because it’s a generally known fact that fat is the most caloric of all nutrients. If we compare we'll see that one gram of fat provides 9 calories whereas one gram of protein 4 and carbohydrate only 3.75 calories per gram (alcohol with its 7 calories per gram is also worth mentioning in this regard).

So, if to minimize fat intake calories intake will be minimized as well. And if to lower total calories eaten per day our body will have to use its stored fat in order to compensate for energy deficit.

On the other hand we should be very careful with fat reduction. Fats contain some vital fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFA) that are important for normal functioning of our internal organs and for a good skin and hair condition.

The author of the diet recommends eating foods from other food groups that contain little or no fat. He elaborates on his idea of “satiety achievement” that is we need to eat a certain amount of food in order not feel hungry. So, why not to get this essential for our organism amount of calories from carbohydrates which are less caloric than fats in order to satisfy our hunger?

Green vegetables, potatoes, fish, beans, unprocessed grains and watery fruit have the ability to make you feel full and at the same time contain not so many calories. Moreover vegetables combined with any type of animal protein can considerably bring down its calorie average.

Alongside with fat reduction and fiber increase in the daily ration it is essential to be moderate and watch the portion sizes. Calories remain calories no matter from what food groups they are derived. And however hard we would try to think something out the best way to lose weight is to reduce calorie intake thus to eat less.

The Pritikin Program is not only about eating. It emphasizes physical exercises as well. Swimming, jogging and especially walking is essential for optimal weight loss because these activities create cravings for high-carbohydrate foods and have an overall positive effect on our physical condition.

Eating of a healthy diet can minimize the risk of developing and preventing of many diseases, including heart disease. Nathan Pritikin, the man who could cure himself after the heart attack, is a real proof of this possibility. Let us follow the example of the author of the Pritikin Diet and pay attention to wholesome, balanced and nutritious food. It is the least what we can do for our health.


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