Protein Power: Diet Plan

Do you like visiting restaurants, which do not follow all the rules of the traditional cuisine, promoting instead their own approach to the healthy eating and nutrition? If your answer is positive; besides, if you are looking for some weight loss eating regimen to follow, then why don’t you have a tour to the virtual restaurant, which follows the rules of the Protein Power diet, developed by Drs. Eades? In other words, below is the short overview of the menu offered by the Protein Power.


Protein Power is certainly not for those, who are fond of different vegetable salads, the main ingredients of which are usually vegetables. When you are on the Protein Power it may be quite challenging to make a salad and not to exceed the limit of total carbohydrates intake, strictly controlled by the diet. But the cooks of our virtual restaurant do their best to offer all the fans of the Protein Power diet different salads made mostly of fiber vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, eggplant, asparagus or celery. No starchy vegetables such as potato or beans are used in order to keep the total amount of carbohydrates within the accurately defined limits (usually about 20 – 60 grams per day).

By the way, Protein Power diet allows healthy oils (for example, olive or nuts oil), so they can also be added to the starter course. Well-balanced combination of vegetables, olive oil and certain types of cheese (cottage cheese, feta, mozzarella, Muenster) can turn an ordinary appetizer into a real masterpiece of taste and favor.

Main Course

This is considered to be the most important part of any meal, so to say “the climax” of a dinner or a supper. It is the main course, which gives people POWER mainly from the consumed PROTEINS. So, get ready to choose from a variety of dishes, made of different types of meat, poultry and fish. Tofu is the source of protein for those people, who follow vegetarian style of eating.

Since the consumption of protein is not limited by the Protein Power diet, one is encouraged to order a portion, which would suit his activity profile and general body requirements in energy.   


Fruits are considered to be the most common type of dessert. However, our restaurant, which follows the recommendations of the Protein Power diet, is very careful in offering fruits to its clients. The point is that most of the fruits are too high in sugar, which is a pure carbohydrate and thus should be avoided. That is why the preference is given to berries (which are also a perfect source of vitamins and minerals) and fiber rich fruits, such as peaches for example.

Of course, one can order some desserts made of milk products in our virtual restaurant. But please keep in mind that instead of traditional high fat ice cream or yoghurt, you will have a dessert made of ingredients with the close to zero content of fat and carbohydrates (read “sugars”).


Of course, what a dinner it is without a glass of red wine! Here you are – the Protein Power diet does not restrict alcohol much. However, some recommendations do exist. For example, when choosing wine, be sure to take the product with the low content of sugar. Hard alcohol drinks, like gin or vodka, may be OK in small amounts, because they do not contain many carbohydrates, while sweet liquors or schnapps are too high in sugar, so they are not recommended by the Protein Power experts. By the way, beer is also not encouraged in our virtual restaurant for its high content of natural sugar, called maltose.


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