Protein Power Diet: Pros and Cons

Surely, everyone, who is interested in the weight loss program, tries to find out as much information as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of the particular diet. This is a usual practice before making a decision to follow the program. Below is the summary of the most notable pros and cons of the Protein Power diet.


Significant and rapid weight loss. Protein Power diet can really help one lose weight quite rapidly. This is achieved mainly by the origin of the diet, which belongs to the family of low carbohydrates weight loss programs. Carbohydrates are the first source of energy and fat for human organism. Consequently, when one cuts down the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates (most of the vegetables, grains, legumes and cereals), the human body starts burning its stored fat in order to produce energy for maintaining all the vitally important processes in the organism.

Scientific background of the Protein Power diet. It is necessary to give the authors of the diet their due for the efforts to find and present as much scientific data as possible, supporting the theory of dieting with Protein Power plan. Most experts, reviewing the Protein Power diet books, agree that the authors pay much attention to the scientific background of the diet, trying to explain their readers all the shades of the human metabolism and hormones’ activity, as well as to present the clinical data, supporting the ideas of the Protein Power diet.


Weight loss is due to water loss mainly. There are many discussions as to whether a weight loss provided by low carb diets happens due to burning the excessive fat tissues or just due to the active water loss. Though the question still remains open, some third parties’ experts and even advocates of the Protein Power agree that during the initial period of the diet, when the body craves for carbohydrates and tries to switch its metabolism from carbs to fats, water loss is significant. Thus, the initial weight loss may be due to losing water instead of fat. This may explain why some people cannot maintain their optimal body weight and return to the overweight status.

Abrupt cutting down of carbohydrates consumption. After all, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for human organism. When one decreases the carbohydrates intake almost to zero, of course, the human organism translates it as the extreme, unexpected and unnatural situation. It starts the processes, which are not typical for normal functioning of the body. In fact, all this can be OK provided that the body is healthy and strong enough to switch metabolism from one type of fuel to another without any problems.

Ketosis. Though ketosis is an integral part of practically almost all low-carbohydrates weight loss programs, it is still an abnormal condition for human body. It is caused by the lack of glucose in blood and the increased level of ketones, the by-products of protein digestion. This is a medical condition, which may result in unexpected consequences, that is why it is recommended to follow the low carbohydrates diet, especially its initial phase, under the doctor’s supervision.

The diet restricts many important foods. Though vegetables and fruits are the major sources of carbohydrates, they are also rich in many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can never be received from meat. By the way, to fix this small drawback Protein Power diet recommends taking supplements of different nutritional elements, like vitamins and minerals.

Counting is necessary. To follow the Protein Power recommendations, one should count all the carbohydrates in the food products, he consumes. This is necessary in order not to exceed the amount of carbs allowed for daily consumption.  

Well, at the end of the article let me underline that the fact of listing more cons than pros of the Protein Power diet does not mean the program is not worthy of attention. Quite the contrary – there is enough space left to make a personal research of the issue:-) Besides, potential drawbacks of any diet are always kept hidden, while the advantages are usually widely promoted through success stories, supporting blogs, forums, etc.    


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