Protein Power Diet: How Does It Work

The goal of every diet is to help a dieter get rid of the excessive body fat and reach his optimal weight. However, in spite of the same goals, each diet offers its own way to make the weight-loss dream come true and promotes its own methods to fight extra pounds of stored body fat.

Protein Power diet was created by a married couple of doctors - Michael and Mary Eades. The core task of their program is to help people fight overweight, obesity and a bunch of other diseases, caused by the excessive weight. Unlike traditional approach in dietetics, saying that the main culprit of obesity is the over-consumption of proteins and fats in the form of meats, eggs, dairy products, etc., the Protein Power supports Atkins theory, where all the responsibility for obesity epidemics is placed on the carbohydrates in food.

That is why Protein Power works in two directions: it encourages people to limit the consumption of carbohydrates, especially processed ones, and it promotes increasing the role of protein sources in one’s daily menu.

The aim of carbohydrates restriction is to break the chain of transforming carbohydrates into body fat. When carbohydrate rich products are consumed, the human organism transforms them very quickly into glucose (sugar present in the blood). The level of glucose increases and makes body to release insulin hormone, which helps to transform glucose into energy or into body fat if the amount of glucose exceeds the body’s requirements in energy.

Besides, if one constantly eats too much of carbohydrates, his body develops the so-called “insulin resistance”. It means that the organism gets used to the constant insulin rises and requires more and more insulin to deal with the same amounts of glucose, derived from the carbohydrates. Such situation leads to many health disorders, such as Diabetes Type 2, bed cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

In order to avoid all those problems and complications, Protein Power offers its followers to limit the consumption of carbohydrates to very small amounts. According to the diet idea, when body does not receive enough carbohydrates to produce energy, it begins to use stored fat as the fuel for energy production.

Besides, during the initial phase of the diet the body also loses much water. Along with water some minerals are also washed out of the body. That is why it is important to drink a lot of water and have mineral supplements, especially potassium. Following those recommendations one can avoid light-headedness and dizziness, which may appear due to the rapid changes of metabolic processes in the human organism.

Another key component of the Protein Power diet is proteins themselves. They are used in the human body as the material to build or repair muscle tissues. Along with proper exercising, the increased intake of protein results in gaining muscles. However, the amount of protein in one’s eating regimen should correspond to the constitution of a person and his activity level. That is why Protein Power diet shows how to define personal requirements in protein first and then offer different sources of protein, such as meat, fish, poultry or even soy.

After all, there are pretty much ideas and theories behind the Protein Power diet, which requires further investigation. That is why, it is definitely not a program you can just jump in to find out whether it suits you or not. It is necessary to study the program carefully and prepare for the changes prior to making Protein Power your own way of eating.  


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