Scarsdale Diet:Diet Plan

The Scarsdale Diet features one of the most thoroughly elaborated eating plan ever. This plan provides all the necessary information as to what should be eaten, when, how, in what quantities and for how long.
Such a diet plan is a perfect option for the advocates of precision and simplicity. There is no need to rack your brains over sophisticated meals preparation with calorie calculation and portion size definition. There is no wide variety of different products to choose from.
The Scarsdale Diet suggests an accomplished and a very strict eating regimen that indicates what should be eaten exactly during seven days e.g. the first week of the diet. And if you want to stay on the diet for 14 days just repeat the menu of the previous week.
According to the diet plan there are three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. No five o'clock tea with delicious cakes, rolls, buns and chocolates, suppers at 11 p. m. and snacks throughout the day. The best snacks on the Scarsdale Diet are carrots, celery and low sodium vegetable broth.
So, the perfect beginning of the day with the Scarsdale diet is a half of grapefruit, a slice of wholemeal bread without butter or other spread and a cup of coffee or tea with sugar substitute. Sugar is forbidden in any form. This kind of breakfast you will be enjoying every day for a fortnight. There is only one change possible: grapefruit can be substituted for another fruit in season. Otherwise it would be too regretful to eat only grapefruits in the middle of the summer when there is such a great variety of fruits.
The lunch menu provides more diversity. Assorted cold cuts, low fat cheese, fruit salads, spinach, lettuce, eggs, fish and any combinations of these chosen products may be prepared for lunch. The essential rule is: meat should be lean and without any fat, salads without rich dressings such as oil or mayonnaise. You can season your meals with herbs, vinegar, minced parsley or lemon.
The dinner of the Scarsdale Diet consists mainly of fish or other seafood products, roast lamb, chicken or turkey, some salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce or other vegetables. According to this diet plan green vegetables are highly recommended and advisable except for corn, potatoes, peas, lentils and beans. A slice of toasted protein bread is on the dinner menu as well.
As for the beverages the Scarsdale Diet promotes sufficient drinking but restricts the list of allowed liquids to coffee and tea (without sugar and milk), different kinds of diet sodas and water. At least four glasses of water should be drunk daily but alcohol is absolutely forbidden.
Certainly as a very rigorous diet regimen the Scarsdale Diet forbids a number of foods. The list of forbidden products is headed by pasta, bread (except for three slices of protein bread a day), pastry and sugar containing products. The diet allows taking herbal appetite suppressants when you can’t overcome your hunger.  
It is very important to eat exactly the foods mentioned above without additions and substitutions. This diet plan is formulated in such a way that you body gets food high in protein and low in carbohydrates; this should work as a trigger of your weight loss.
The golden rule of the Scarsdale Diet is moderation. You can eat as much of indicated above as you want but don't overeat, try to remember a nice word "enough" in time.
It is a low calorie diet plan with some food restrictions which in turn deprives your organism of some minerals and vitamins but it can't do you any harm as long as you will follow it as it was prescribed by Dr. Tarnower, e. g. during seven or fourteen days.
If used correctly and sensibly the Scarsdale Diet can become the beginning of new eating habits and improved approach to your food consumption aiming at healthy weight maintenance. Just don’t get too far a way and find the right moment for you to stop.