Scarsdale Diet: How it Works

The Scarsdale Diet is one of the first low carbohydrates, high protein programs. The idea and the diet plan were elaborated by Dr. Tarnower in early 1970-s. Dr. Tarnower, a cardiologist himself, believed that a certain combination of foods could stimulate fat burning process in the human body.
He worked out an eating regimen in which he clearly pointed out what foods should be eaten to achieve quick and efficient weight loss. On the Scarsdale Medical Diet you consume about 800-1000 calories a day. The food allowed on SMD provides an effective ratio of fats, proteins and carbs which along with the low calorie intake cause an increased body fat metabolism and production of ketones.
If your body produces ketones it means your body burns out an excess fat at an accelerated speed. This utilization of fat stores for energy and for calories "that are not obtained from the daily diet" is an integral part of the effective reducing process and the main aim of the Scarsdale Diet.
At the same time production of ketones confirms that the body is put in the state of ketosis. The state of mild ketosis is not dangerous for the organism but in the long term it can have negative consequences: it can change the acidity of the blood and damage liver and kidney. That is why it is essential not to follow the low carbohydrate diets including the Scarsdale Diet over a long period of time. Two weeks is usually a good choice.
However to consolidate the achieved results it is not recommended to return to your “usual” food right away after low caloric dieting. After all dieting is not only about eating certain foods it is mainly about changing of our "bad" eating habits. Therefore the Scarsdale Diet consists of two stages: the Medical diet and the Keep-Trim program.
So, after two weeks on the Scarsdale Medical Diet you should switch to the Keep-Trim program. The Keep-Trim stage is an integral part of the diet plan. It was elaborated by Dr. Tarnower with the weight maintenance purposes, in order to avoid a quick weight regain after two weeks of low caloric food and strict restrictions.
The Keep-Trim phase is less rigorous. It allows consuming a larger variety of foods and increases the overall calorie intake. You will still lose some weight when on this program but a little slower.
Though it is less rigid than the Medical Diet itself the Keep-Trim forbids a number of foods and has many prohibitions. You can say “no” to sugar, dairy products, desserts, potatoes, noodles and all flour-based foods except toasted protein bread. It is important to drink plenty of fluid and not to overeat. The Keep-Trim program also lasts for two weeks.
If you have some more pounds to shed to reach the target weight you may return to the Scarsdale Medical Diet. Altering the two stages and the rapid weight loss with a slower one you can achieve your desired weight. It is important to follow both stages of the Scarsdale Diet: the Medical diet proper and Keep-Trim program in order to achieve and to be able to maintain the acquired results. 
Maybe it will be sometimes difficult to fight with the hunger pangs or to feel deprived of favorite dishes but we want to be slim and beautiful and the end result is worth enduring all the temporary difficulties, isn't it?