Scarsdale Diet: Pros and Cons

New diets constantly appear on the market. They all promise us instantaneous weight loss without the least efforts from our part and incredible results in no time. They seduce us claiming to be the best and the most original and we start following one after the other and having reached no promised results, remain more disappointed than ever.
What should we then do? Stop dieting altogether or just find the right diet? Probably the latter. All people are different so are the diets. Thus before starting one it is good to learn and to weigh all its positive and negative sides. Moreover it's essential to set the realistic goals and to know what exactly we want to achieve.
The Medical Scarsdale Diet is no exception. It provides its own end results, has its pluses and minuses and cannot suit everyone. So, let’s find out what is good and what is wrong with the Scarsdale Diet in order not to get disappointed with it quickly and to know what we will have at the end.
To the main pros of the Scarsdale Diet can be ascribed the following points:
-         The diet was developed by the family doctor, the cardiologist, with the aim to help over-weight patients with the history of heart disease and it has worked out. Nowadays the diet plan is frequently used by specialized clinics for overweight patients;
-         The most appealing idea is an achievement of quick results in a short period of time. It is a perfect diet plan to start before a big promising event to be able to look slimmer, healthier and more beautiful;
-         The diet has an exactly elaborated menu plan to follow. The dieter doesn’t have to think something out, just prepare what is stated on a daily menu. It is good for those who like discipline and strict regimen;
-         Since it is indicated exactly what should be eaten the dieter doesn’t have to count calories or grams of fat;
-         What is stated on the menu can be eaten in any amounts; there is no limitation on portion size, except when the portion is pointed out.
There are also cons in the Medical Scarsdale Diet:
-         First of all, it is a restriction of many kinds of foods and poor food choices consequently lack of essential minerals, vitamins and trace element, for example, little iron, calcium and riboflavin because of milk, bread and cereals restriction, the lack of fat and dairy products may cause nutritional imbalances;
-         Possible dehydration of the whole organism since the allowed liquids are limited to tea, coffee and water (tea and coffee have an diuretic effect; e. g. you'll lose more fluid than you consume);
-         There are no clinical studies to support the scientific background and soundness of this diet plan. No scientific research has ever been conducted to prove that the weight loss occurs because of chemical balance and unique combination of nutritional macroelements and not due to the pure reduction of daily calorie consumption;
-         The Scarsdale Diet is too low in calories (about 800-1000 kcal a day in comparison to about 2000-2500 kcal recommended daily intake) and too high in protein to be healthy. The weight loss really occurs but the weight will be regained back after the returning to real food and old eating habits;
-         Encouragement to use herbal appetite suppressant which can be dangerous for people with heart disease or kidney problems.
In general the Scarsdale Diet is appropriate for you if you want quick results and can’t do you anything wrong if you use it not very often and no longer than for two weeks in a row. No diet does you any harm when you will stick to the rule of thumb: while on diet use your common sense, intelligence and intuition. Hoping to quickly get rid of excess weigh, don’t overlook the fact that dieting may cause some serious damage to your health. Not everything is what it seems to be.

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