S. Daniel Abraham in 1970s had discovered a new revolutionary way of loosing weight with the help of beverages (shakes) and replacement products. The diet started gaining its popularity right away; thousands of dieters followed it trying to themselves its advantages and disadvantages.

After years the Slim-Fast diet has developed a plenty of new tastes of shakes, types of snacks and other products to meet everyone’s need while achieving the goal of becoming thin and nice. Now Slim-Fast diet has its Web site that gives a dieter a personal plan that meats your style of life, exercise plan, experts’ support and friendship of other dieters. Slim-Fast motto of "a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner" knows everyone who had ever tried any diet. Its main principle of “less eating and more moving” gives promising result to those who dream about being slim and get the result fast.

Slim-Fast experts try their best to improve every phase of the period of a diet. Recently they introduced The Little Book of Weight Loss Success as a guide to such an approach to weight loss. In this book experts who know how to be fat and loose weight share their’s useful advices, dieting tips as well as sample meal plans and tasteful recipes, successful stories of those who achieve the positive result and tips of how they did it. The book also gives a nice support program, exercise plan and some suggestions for mixing and matching your food while having your meals (especially when dining out).

While Slim-Fast diet gets its “slim-fast” people and some stories of hypnotized success there are lots of those who felt disappointed after trying and getting nothing but problems and zero result. Some of them just went off and forgot about all that shakes and counting of fruits and veggies, some felt an urge to devote himself/herself to exposing the hidden side of the liquid diet and to saving at least some from the Slim-Fast.

This is the common matter of any diet. Some approves it; some appears to be against it. It is like a weapon – can have a good result, but when in bad hands with ignorant mind it can sure cause problems.

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