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Diet Author

S. Daniel Abraham was constantly seeking the answer to the question: HOW to loose weight EASILY. His first diet product was introduced in 1950s - Slim-Mint gum (a gum that quelled your hunger), then was Dexatrim (1976), an every day diet pill.

But his most successful and effective diet product in the industry of weight-loss was Slim-Fast nutrition drink developed in 1970s. Slim-Fast shakes really shacked the world making its author rich and its followers slim and thing.

Now having in his wallet $1.8 billion Daniel Abraham devotes himself to politics and philanthropy. He supports his own Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, supports the Democratic Party ($1.5 million donation to it) and the Mayo Clinic. His book “Piece is Possible” with Bill Clinton’s foreword received praise from many Israeli and Arab leaders.

Besides, he has received Honorary Doctoral Degrees from the Israeli universities of Bar Ilan, Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion and Yeshiva University (New York).

Diet Categorization

Slim-Fast diet is a low-carb liquid diet that proposes a special flexible diet plan and system of exercises as lifelong journey. Dieters get 1,200 -1,500 calories a day approximately and are encouraged to have 30 - 60 minutes of exercises to maintain the result.

Diet History

Daniel Abraham is a true Calorie King that stands near Dr. Arthur Agatston, Robert Atkins, Jenny Craig, Barry Sears, Jared Fogle and others.

Slim-Fast diet was started in 1977 as a part of the Thompson Medical Group, then as a private Abraham’s brand in 1987, and as a part of Unilever in 2000. The brand changed a little bit its diet products after crisis in 2003 by lowering the amount of sugar in its new products as well as Diet Plans that become more flexible.

Nowadays Slim-Fast brand proposes five types of products: Original, Low-carb, High protein, Easy-to-Digest and Optima. Slim-Fast Optima shakes (bars and powder also) contain a protein, vegetable fat blend and 55 percent less sugar that the original cocktail. All the components help to control your hunger.

Slim-Fast offers the dieters the variety of flavors – Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Chocolate, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Strawberries – the choice is yours.

Diet motto

The slogan of the diet that describes the use of beverages within the Slim-Fast plan is "a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner". More flexible system of Slim-Fast Plans allows snacks in-between and different calorie plans. Also the brand now is emphasizing the idea of lifelong diet as in long terms the Slim-Fast diet brings long-term loss of weight.

The key idea of the diet is LESS eating, MORE moving. Dieters are allowed to eat one balanced meal a day. Other meals they replace with Slim-Fast replacement products: shakes, soups, bars, etc. Slim-Fast snack of 130-calorie or real other food can be taken in-between. Moving includes jogging, walking or simple “digging the garden” for 30 minutes a day minimum.

Diet Duration and declared improvements

If you stick to the plan diet promises you a 10% of weight loss in first 6 months. It’s approximately 1 – 2 pounds per week. Of cause the longer the diet –longer remains the result. So to achieve the result that cost all that affords you have done towards better figure and all money (about $3 a day, $90 a month) you have spent to provide yourself with every day meal replacement products – it’s better to sign yourself up to really long-time follower of a Slim-Fast diet.

A diet, as regular person understands its definition (not a dictionary definition), is a period of time when one wants or rather should reduce the food consumption in order to loose ones weight. Any diet will cause weight loss for most people, because it is lower in calories than ones body needs to maintain. So, Slim-Fast diet promises the result of loosing weight, as it presupposes at least 500 (for women) -1,000 (for men) calories less than the average person is consuming.

As all the system of Slim-Fast - Diet Plans, Exercise Plans, other dieters’ support and professional dietitians – is carried out via internet, there is no specific rate of people that achieve positive result. Or percentage of those who maintain the weight loss and who don’t. You can only rely upon the internet sources that declare its effectiveness and insist on that, and state that it’s really possible to live consuming mostly beverages and shakes for long time.

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