Slim-Fast: Diet Plan

The strategy of using the Slim-Fast Plan for weight loss is simple and time-tasted, as long as you like liquid diets. To be ready to start - mind several moments. Would be perfect if you like structure, like the taste of shakes and replacement food (otherwise you won’t be able to drink it day by day) and hate cooking. You will have your meals 6 times a day - three meals and three snacks. It’s better when you are more than 18, not pregnant, not nursing, do not have health problems and you are planning to lose up to 30 pounds, in other cases you should follow the diet (or don’t – if it’s not allowed for you) only after consulting your physician.

Move more and eat less. This is a kea idea of Slim-Fast strategy. Dieters eat one substantial meal a day and use (mostly drink) Slim-Fast replacement products.

Take a deep breath those who are smoking or like to have some glass of wine from time to time. Yes, you can follow the diet not cardinally changing your habits. Only note that in case of alcohol the dieters are told to be careful while drinking as to be able to control their appetite, and control the amount of “Margarita and Co” as full of calories beverages as well. And in case of smoking mind that it’s really not a good combination of cigarettes and exercises. Be careful.

Also good news - the cost of your “slim-fast” body won’t shock you much. 90 or something dollars a month for food replacement is what you need. 

You are a vegetarian – no problem. Vegetarian menus full of protein-rich veggie foods (beans, nuts, tofu, seeds, etc.) are to your needs on the Slim-Fast Web sites.

You can also have you favorite morning coffee or strong black tea with your friends on your dinner. You are allowed to have some snacks of real food in mostly ethnic restaurants (the list is on the Web site). Keep in mind that most of the time you drink shakes and you love doing it (repeat it to yourself often).

How would you interact with other dieters? Only online. For some this would be the problem, for some – time economy and question of anonymity. Dieters pair up with Slim-Fast friend, help each other with good advice and share the results. There are 1,800,000 member dieters and the number of them is constantly increasing. Professional help of counselors are available online only – via chats. For questions dieters use an 800 number or internet.

So, what is a plan?

One sensible meal per day includes lean meat, starch (dieters can skip it while adding more vegetables), veggies and fruit. Other ‘food’ is Slim-Fast shakes, Slim-Fast meal bars, Slim-Fast pasta, Slim-Fast microwaveable soups, fruits, veggies, nuts, pretzels fat-free yogurt. Two Slim-Fast meal options a day provides dieters with two-thirds of their vitamin and mineral needs. One ‘real’ meal gives them the rest of their daily needs.

Slim-Fast products do not contain any drugs, stimulants or appetite suppressants. They are made from fat-free milk and are fortified with vitamins, minerals and fiber. One Slim-Fast shake contain skim milk, sugar, fructose, and cocoa, I would rather say milk plus sugar and plus sugar. A 375ml shake contains 12 grams of protein (a little bit less than in a 1% low-fat milk) and 38 grams of carbohydrates (8 in a 1% low-fat milk).

What a basic Slim-Fast Diet Plan includes?

For breakfast: 1 shake (a nutritious Slim-Fast Optima Meal On-The-Go )+ 1 fruit

Most people easily replace their breakfast with a shake and a fruit as they don’t usually eat in the morning at all. There are different tastes of shakes available.

For Lunch: 1 shake (Slim-Fast Meals On-The-Go) + 1 fruit + gelatin (sugar free)

Or you can drink one Slim-Fast shake and mix it with your favorite foods (200 Calories of it).

For Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1 veggie + gelatin (sugar free)

Do not replace snacking. It’s strongly recommender in order to satisfy your cravings and avoid overeating later in the day.

For Dinner: 1 shake + 1 large salad + 3 veggies (+ 1 protein)

1/2 of your plate is for veggies, 1/4 - for lean protein (turkey, fish, lean beef, chicken without the skin), 1/4 is for starch and plenty of salad on the side.

Snacks are included in each Diet Plan: for lower-calorie plans it’s fruits or vegetables at snack times; for higher-calorie plans - additional snacks.

Also do not forget about exercises. If you are a couch potato - start slowly with 10-minute walks several times a day. It’s better to devote 30 – 60 minutes for exercises each day. While getting your personal Diet Plan according to your weight, age and lifestyle you will get a personal Exercise Plan online.

Next thing to do is…actually…doing - following the diet if you’ve decided that this diet best suits you.

Valentyna Ant.