Slim-Fast Diet:Pros and Cons

So what do we get? On the one hand we have experts and doctors who advocate the system of Slim-Fast diet, insist on its effectiveness and even impose the idea of following it permanently or at least for a long time. Some successful stories give hope to millions but still are lost in variety of exposed negative aspects of the matter. On the other hand lots of peoples’ testimonials that discredit the method especially when following in long period of time. Let’s try to see pros and cons of a diet.


1. Slim-Fast diet is an easy, effective and safe method in questions of loosing weight. There are over 30 published clinical studies that prove that the plan really works!

2. Slim-Fast diet if stick to the program gives its result rather fast – you loose 10 % of your body weight in first six months of the following it.

3. Slim-Fast diet plan is affordable – you spend approximately 90 dollars per month for the replacement products and shakes – and convenient – you can take all the products (shakes, snacks, etc.) anywhere with you, easily plan your everyday meal.

4. Slim-Fast products are nutritionally balanced. Its beverages and snacks provide a unique balance of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fat blends.

5. The exercise plan of the program is rather workable for any person. You are only to do some moderate daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes.

6. You can eat real food and have some snack and still loosing your weight. The diet allows you to mix or match your favorite foods once a day not to feel yourself deprived while business lunch or love date dinner. The variety of snacks (at least 3 of them are absolutely healthy) are to your choice plus any vegetables or fruits during the day.

7. You won’t be  bored. Slim-Fast products offer you 6 eating occasions each day, and choice of over 100 of them don’t get you bored while following the diet - it is rather interesting.

8. Hate to count and worry – Slim-Fast diet plan has made all the calculation for you depending on your personalized plan. Just eat and relax.


1. The most tricky aspect of the Slim-Fast diet is in it simplicity. It is because the plan is too simple to follow it is too hard and difficult for the dieters to be on that diet. For most of them it was fine for a couple of weeks, not more, as it was too boring to consume all that similar to each other shakes and bars, so they went off.

2. You are always hungry. This is what the followers say (not the Slim-Fast experts or commercials). Slim-Fast products never satisfied dieters’ appetite, it initially filled them up but after an hour they were starving again. Which lead us to the next against-item

3. Inadequate money expenses. You need to eat more replacement products to feel satisfied and so spend more money for it. And if remember that the Slim-Fast shake is only a shake of skim milk, sugar, fructose, and cocoa which I would rather say – milk, sugar and sugar – I’d suggest you rather buy some low fat milk instead. Low fat milk contains a little bit more of protein and a little bit less of carbohydrates but also has significant amounts of vitamins A and D, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Zinc, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and Niacin – it is really make sense to have some milk instead of Slim-Fast shake.  

4. As for the key idea of the diet – eat less and move more – there is an alternative and healthier way of loosing weight.  For Slim-Fast drink or a small bar it seems like too many calories and not enough food. Each Slim-Fast “meal” is about 200-250kcals. One could easily manage that having ‘normal’ food such as breakfast cereal or a sandwich without such money expenses.

5. There is too much sugar in these shakes and so little fiber, that your blood sugar levels are going to go through the roof. It’s pretty dangerous if you happen to be hypoglycemic or hyperinsulinemic. Thanks to the sugar levels high/low jumps be ready for constant mood swings, fatigue, unproductivity, intense cravings and cravings again.

6. It’s not an easy way of dieting for you as it is obvious to everybody, the public will know (will sure see) that you are on a diet. As far as they know it – they try to talk you out of it. So you struggle not only with your starving feeling but with public negative opinion.

7. Slim-Fast diet doesn’t educate the dieters good eating habits. You drink and constantly eat replacement products. When back to normal food without Slim-Fast products one would constantly consume similar products and get ones weight back (if not even more).

8. The crucial and the most biggest drawback of the Slim-Fast diet that drastically cross out the effectiveness of the program is – you never know what you loose – fat or muscles. You loose many muscles as the caloric levels on the Slim Fast diet plan are too low. What is a problem with it? Besides the problem that without muscles our body looks like jelly (just remember that shaking fat on your hands), even the skinniest one, after this diet you get metabolism disorder. While loosing muscles your metabolism drops. That means if you go off the diet (and you eventually will do it any day (month, year,…) later, your weight will come back to you even faster than before. Hello, do you miss me? – I’m back! Without those lbs of muscles your metabolism has taken a serious downturn and can not require those plenty of calories you eat.

Of course Slim-Fast diet does cause the weight loss. At least for that time you follow it. Dieters really got some result (some of them even managed to loose weight by consuming daily replacement products that made them throw up – could be a joke though) but is it a good and safe way of loosing your weight? I would rather keep myself from judging. The choice is yours.

Valentyna Ant.