Sonoma Diet: the Diet Regimen

The Sonoma Diet is claimed to bring the joy of eating to the process of dieting or weight loss. Forget about the long black lists of your favorite meals; forget all the fad statements, trying to explain a dieter what is bad for your health and what is not; finally, forget about cooking, turned by some diets into a chain of chemical reactions, where all the ingredients should be weighed to within one milligram.

When you make your mind to follow the Sonoma Diet, be ready to lose weight and improve your organism condition in a very pleasant and joyful way; be ready to learn the eating habits of people, living in the Mediterranean regions, where fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and white wine are the essential compounds of daily menu. All in all, get your windsurf board and be ready to catch the waves, because the Sonoma Diet brings into each dieter’s life three waves, which are nothing but three stages or phases of this newly presented weight loss program.

So, as it was already mentioned, according to the Sonoma principles, dieting process is divided into three periods with specific time limits, goals, and eating recommendations to achieve those goals.

The first period or the Wave 1 is designed to break the bad eating habits of a dieter, tune his organism to the regimen, and quickly lose as much excessive fat as possible. The initial stage of dieting lasts only for 10 days, when the enthusiasm of a dieter and his self-confidence are at the highest level. During this period one is recommended to cut off consuming sugar along with fruits, simple carbohydrates and refined flour products, which are the main contributors to weight gain, since they are rapidly absorbed by the human organism, mostly providing it with the “empty” calories. Any type of oil other than olive and canola is forbidden too.

It should be noted here that in order to underline the importance of food quantity people consume for ensuring weight loss, the Sonoma Diet gives detailed recommendation on proper portion sizes. Thus, the diet says one should use 7-inch plate for breakfast and 9-inch for dinner or supper. The distribution of foods on the plate is defined in accordance with the stage of the diet, but vegetables, such as spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and grains play the central role anyway. Together with almonds, blueberries, grapes, olive oil and strawberries, they form the list of 10 power foods of the Sonoma diet. In general, the diet says that 50% of the plate should be filled with vegetables, 30% - with lean protein or dairy, and 20% -with whole grains.

The Wave 2 is the central part of the Sonoma Diet. It lasts as long as it is necessary for a dieter to achieve his target body weight. Though losing weigh goes much slower in comparison to the first Wave, it is more stable and steady. The majority of diet experts agree that losing 1 or 2 pounds per week is the most healthy and reasonable weight loss strategy.

Besides traditional power foods of the Wave 1, the menu of a dieter during the Wave 2 contains coffee, tea and unlimited amount of herbs and species to make meal really flavorful. Fruits, fat-free dairy products, honey, and even a piece of dark chocolate are allowed in this phase of the Sonoma Diet.

The propaganda of drinking wine deserves special attention, since it is really unique for a diet to promote alcohol consumption. According to the Sonoma Diet, drinking a glass of wine a day helps one to relax, eat slower or even eat less, which is, undoubtedly, beneficial for weight loss. The author refers to some clinical studies and scientific literature, saying that moderate consumption of wine can increase longevity and provide certain nutrients to decrease the risk of such diseases as heart illnesses, diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

The Wave 3 is the final stage of the diet. In fact, it is the life-long maintenance period after the desired body weight, as well as other health benefits, is achieved. It is the time, when a dieter understands the language of his own body, knows how to control his weight, and gets satisfaction from eating at the same time. Dieting with Sonoma during Wave 3 stage is like windsurfing of the professional surfer, who slides easily and confidently on the ocean waves, who feels every breath of the wind and keeps his board under absolute control.