Sonoma Diet: General Information

Diet Author The Sonoma Diet, the American version of the Mediterranean eating patterns, was brought to the audience by Dr. Connie Guttersen, whose career has been focused on researching and developing the flavorful and nutritious approaches to healthy eating and weight reduction.

Being a registered dietitian and nutrition instructor at the American Culinary Institute since 1995, Dr. Guttersen served as the diet consultant for many corporations, such as Kraft, Nestlé, Marriott Hotels, Radisson Hotels, etc, contributing to the development of their own nutritional programs and menus. Besides, Connie Guttersen cooperated with the Texas Christian University, where she gained her degree in nutrition and dietetics.

Since 2000 Dr. Guttersen has been proving professional advice to the California Olive Industry. As the recognized expert on the Mediterranean diet she also participates in many international meetings and conferences on nutrition and healthy eating.

Diet Categorization According to the diet’s author, the Sonoma Diet cannot be classified under the traditional rules of diets categorization. It is neither low-fat nor low-carbohydrate eating program. Dr. Guttersen says that her approach to healthy eating is a "next step" diet, where healthy eating, taste, and satisfaction come together.

Diet History The Guttersen’s book “The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” came out in December, 2005. The author was inspired by the traditions of Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian cuisines. One year later, in December, 2006, the Sonoma Diet Cookbook was published to show readers how to follow the principles of the regimen, offering a lot of recipes and tips on meals preparation. Finally, there is the online version of the Sonoma Diet with even more recipes, motivational tips, trackers and other tools to customize and personalize the process of dieting.

Diet Motto The core idea of the Sonoma Diet is that one can lose weight without deprivation, restrictions, banned foods and cravings for tasty and flavorful meals. All in all, the Sonoma Diet is the balanced eating approach, where a dieter is encouraged to consume all the food groups. The daily menu is designed to reintroduce joy of eating, when one is on the diet. Dr. Guttersen worked hard to provide eating tips and recommendations so that dieting with Sonoma was not a challenge, but an easy-to-follow and pleasant weight loss and health recovering program.

Diet Duration The Sonoma Diet is divided into three distinct stages, called “Waves”. During the Wave 1, a dieter tunes his body on the new regimen, gets rid of bad eating habits, and loses weight drastically, since the first stage is the most restrictive. The Wave 1 lasts for 10 days and is followed by the Wave 2, which is the main part of the diet. The Wave 2 lasts until one reaches his target weight or other health goals. Weight loss during the second stage is not so drastic, but it is more stable. Finally comes the Wave 3, which is, in fact, the lifelong maintenance stage.

What improvements are declared by the diet? Following the rules of the Sonoma Diet is said to trim off 2 - 5 pounds of excessive body fat for the first 10 days; the second stage of the diet is designed to provide approximately 0.5 - 1.5 pounds off per week.

Since the rates of weight loss, ensured by the Sonoma Diet, are typical for the majority of new and scientifically-based nutritional approaches, this feature can hardly make the Sonoma something special in comparison to the majority of other diets on the market. However, turning usually dull and uncomfortable dieting process into the joyful, pleasant and at the same time health beneficial eating regimen, staffed with many tasty, delicious meals, fruits and vegetables. Add the encouragement to consume wine and you will, undoubtedly, find dieting with Sonoma more similar to having vacation somewhere on the Caribbean, under the tropic sun and with the exotic meals and drinks of the local cuisine.