Sonoma Diet: Pros and Cons

When a new weight loss program appears on the market, it gets not only a warm welcome from the potential consumers, such as obese patients or those searching for ways to lose extra pounds, but it also draws the rapt attention of many critics ready to smash the new idea to pieces. Definitely, the Sonoma Diet belongs to those not numerous debutants, which give more arguments to the advocates of the diet rather than to its opponents.

Most of the experts in nutrition admit that the first advantage and the great benefit of the Sonoma Diet is that it is created by the registered professional in nutrition and healthy eating. Besides, the book is created in a dieter-friendly way. Explaining the food options, the author gives clear and understandable list of the products, which should be the major components of the daily menu. Describing principles of the Sonoma Diet on portion sizes, the author teaches all the program followers how to define the proper size of each meal without weighing and complicated calculations.

Dr. Connie Guttersen did her best to encourage people to get rid of the harmful eating habits and change their life for better. Undeniable benefit of the Sonoma Diet is that one would hardly feel deprivation or hunger following the diet. On the contrary, the diet is called to teach people enjoy dieting, feeling fun and satisfaction from the foods they eat every day. According to the Sonoma philosophy this is crucially important in order to keep a dieter within the program as long as it is necessary to achieve the desired results.

Most of the experts in public health are all for the approach of the Sonoma Diet concerning “good” and “bad” foods determination. Thus, the list of power foods include the sufficient amount of nutritional elements from the vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, antioxidants from blueberries and grapes, fiber from the whole grains products and, of course, healthy fat from the olive oil.

However, cutting off the consumption of fruits, which is especially strict during the first 10 days of the diet, is usually treated negatively by the experts. They say that fruits are sources not only for sugars, the excess of which may really contribute to the weight gain, but fruits are indispensable for supplying humans with plenty of vitamins and minerals. That is why fruits are considered to be the part of any healthy diet. To be completely unbiased, it should be mentioned here that the Sonoma Diet becomes more loyal to fruits in the next stages or waves of the weight-loss program.

Of course, the role of wines in the Sonoma Diet draws a lot of attention from both opponents and advocates of the program. The diet promotes moderate consumption of wine, mostly referring to some trials and scientific researches, which proved the health benefits of the moderate wine consumption. Besides, the author builds her strategy on the facts, that wine is an important part of the Mediterranean diet, and that the official statistics demonstrates that people, living in the Mediterranean and Asian countries, are less prone to cardiovascular diseases, which became almost epidemic for people with the Western type of eating.

Finally, practically all the professionals agree that following the rules of the Sonoma Diet in any way leads to the excessive body weight loss. Of course, the rate of the unwanted pounds shedding depends much on the individual peculiarities, but do not forget that losing 1 or 2 pounds per week is considered to be the most natural and risk-free way to the new body.


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