Step Diet

We eat too much and move too little, claims one of the co-authors of a new “diet book” Dr. James Hill. Together with his colleges from the University of Colorado Drs. John C. Peters and Bonnie T. Jortberg he wrote a new guide to losing weight "The Step Diet".

The book itself saw the world not so long ago, in 2004. But the weight-loss program the book promotes is rather old. It is based on more than 25 years of scientific research at the Health Science Center of University of Colorado. The authors of the book are also co-founders of the popular national health movement “America on the Move”.

The key principle of the Step diet is to increase the physical activity and to decrease general food intake. Those who associate the word physical activity with a gym full of training equipments and daily exhausting work-outs have no reasons to worry. According to the Step Diet all you need is just stand up and walk your way to the weight loss. Instead of counting calories the dieter should count steps.

The scientific basis behind this plan is the concept of energy balance that is the calories we eat cannot exceed the calories we burn through our activity. So if we eat too many calories and don’t move enough we gain weight. The simple truth of the Step Diet is calories that come in should step out.

The authors of the Step Diet don't promise their followers achieving rapid results and drastic weight loss. Their aim is long-term weight control. At the same time their studies at the university shows that the dieter can lose 1 to 2 pounds weight per week sticking to the main rules of the diet.

The positive side about the Step Diet is its simplicity. The dieter doesn’t have any food restrictions and can eat everything he or she likes. The person doesn’t have to rack brains over meal preparations and calories calculation. The key condition is to decrease the food intake to 75% of usual portion.

On the other hand some experts say that since the book emphasizes the exercises and eventual achieving of 10 000 steps per day some people can become poor food choices as there are no concrete directions as to what should be eaten.

The Step Diet is much more than a simple idea of losing weight. It promotes changing of negative and unhealthy habits and acquiring positive energy from walking and forming new healthy life style. You needn’t do that much about becoming slim and beautiful just step to you health. And will assist you in achieving your aim.

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