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Diet Author The authors of the Step Diet James O. Hill, John C. Peters and Bonnie T. Jortberg are all weight experts and scientific researches at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Centre. They conduct and manage research in a variety of areas dealing with obesity, diabetes, lipid absorption and metabolism.

Their painless approach toward loosing weight is not radically new but it is based on the long scientific research in this area. The authors of a relative new book "The Step Diet" give solid and practical advice not only about how to lose the weight there is much more to it – how to maintain the acquired weight.

Diet Categorization This nutritional approach can’t be classified under the traditional diets as it dwells little on the food consumption and counting the percentage ratio of carbs, fats and proteins. The Step Diet promotes the walking as a way to burn down the excess calories. But all in all it is a well-balanced eating plan that doesn’t deprive you of any necessary food that should be in a daily menu. Diet History The main idea of the diet isn’t new. But the detailed description, the main principles, stages and instructions were first described in the book with the same name "The Step Diet" that was published in 2004. After more than 25 years of research the authors came to the conclusion that the best tools for the weight loss are common sense, patience and a good pedometer.

Diet motto The Step Diet has nothing to do with eating only certain types of foods, in certain qualities and at certain times of the day. The dieter can eat everything, just less of it, “less” means about 75 % of the usual portion. It is certainly recommended consuming reduced-fat food but the core point about this diet isn’t about food and eating habits.

The Step Diet helps to find your own energy balance i.e. the calories that have been eaten during the day should be burned out. And the way to get rid of excess calories is to walk. To take a long walk after dinner, to walk upstairs instead of using a lift, to walk to the shop, to walk while speaking on the phone, just to take any opportunity to walk.

Walking doesn’t require any special time that should be set aside or planned beforehand. There are many things that we can do while walking. All we need is a step counter attached to the belt or waistband and a desire to lose weight. A dieter should start with 2,000 steps every day and constantly increase the amount of steps to 10,000 or 5 miles a day. It doesn’t mean to make 5 miles at once the amount of steps can be divided into several 5-minutes walks throughout the day.

Diet Duration The overall duration of the Step Diet including preparation and assessment periods is about 20 weeks and is divided into 6 stages. Each stage has certain tasks that should be done and its own duration. But the main stage that is losing weight is estimated to last 12 weeks. After the completion of the 12-week program and achievement of set goals you can choose to do another 12-week cycle to lose more weight or to maintain the achieved weight.

What improvements are declared by the diet? You will not rapidly lose your weight with the Step Diet. You’ll begin to lose 1-2 pounds per week which is a normal rate since it increases the possibility to keep the lost weight off. So during the 12-week program the dieter can expect to lose up to 24 pounds. But even these pounds are not the main thing about the Step Diet. Making step after step we do more than just losing weight we change our lifestyle, improve our physical health and make ourselves better.


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