Step Diet: Pros and Cons

Practically everything is said to have positive and negative sides. This is certainly true about dieting as well. So choosing a certain type of diet we should carefully weigh all cons and pros and consider the scientific background of this or that approach.

“Painless approach”, someone has called the Step Diet. It is indeed true. The idea of this diet program is not new but simple and effective at the same time. The authors of the diet conducted some research to prove their point of view and on the basis of the scientific results developed a concrete plan to follow, efficient advices to put into practice and practical tips to fulfill.

The Step Diet in fact offers a realistic way to losing weight. It has more pros than cons. Among the pros can be named the following points: Simplicity and practicality – the core principle of the diet is the increment of physical activity and decrement of food consumption. So there is no need to eat only certain types of food or considering how to prepare something resembling a meal from the limited amount of possibilities. When you are on the Step Diet you can eat everything, just less of it. Besides there are no extra expenses as you don't have to add something special to your menu.

Availability – according to the Step Diet you should walk to burn your excess calories. It is quite simple since walking is something everyone can do. In spite of the age and the level of physical fitness walking and accumulating of steps is appropriate for everyone. But jogging, swimming, riding a bike and other kinds of sport are also welcomed. There are special charts in the Step Diet book that helps to convert these activities into the steps.

As walking is the main physical activity in this diet plan we can surely name saving of time as one of its pros. We can walk at work, while talking on the phone, go shopping or make a nice stroll with the family or friends after dinner. There is no need to put aside some special time or to be in a hurry into the gym – steps can be accumulated everywhere and throughout the day.

But as in everything there is a fly in the ointment in the Step Diet as well. Some dietitians criticize the fact that the authors of this diet program make an emphasis on the exercise and forget about proper directions as to food consumption and eating rules. They say that the dieter will concentrate on reaching 10,000 steps and will make poor food choices.

The diet doesn’t include a strict diet plan to follow and contains only certain suggestions as to what should be eaten. For some people it is not enough. They think when they are on a diet they should be deprived of food.

But all in all the Step Diet is a healthy approach at dieting. It may seem strange that it doesn’t dwell a lot on proteins, carbohydrates, fats and their proportions in our daily meals. But it offers a fresh and encouraging idea to manage our weight. The perfect body is not only about what and when we eat but mainly how we use our potential and life style.

The Step Diet will guide you step by step not only to a desired weight but to a healthier life as well. It is up to you, just move enough.


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