Sugar Busters Diet

Sugar Busters diet entered the world of weight-loss programs in the late 90th with the rather provocative and unusual motto “Cut sugar to trim fat”. The diet was created by H. Leighton Steward, CEO of a Fortune 500 energy company, and three doctors, practicing different fields of medicine, such as endocrinology (Samuel S. Andrews), cardiac surgery (Morrison C. Bethea) and gastroenterology (Luis A. Balart).

French diet book “Dine Out and Lose Weight,” as well as personal dieting and weight loss experience, inspired Mr. Steward to create his own eating program, called Sugar Busters.

The key idea of the eating plan is expressed by the name of the diet. The excessive consumption of refined sugar is considered to be the major cause of overweight and obesity. According to Sugar Busters, table sugar is the main culprit of excessive body weight. Besides, too much of sugar leads to the increased amount of hormone insulin, which may contribute to the development of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Unlike being unappealable in accusing sugar to be the main cause of obesity, Sugar Busters diet is not so definite in describing the actual results, which can be achieved by a dieter, who follows all the postulates of the diet. Though the diet promises general health improvement, cardiovascular diseases prevention and fixing the hormonal imbalances, the exact weight loss results remain undefined by the Sugar Busters.

Drawing people’s attention to the potential dangers of eating too much refined sugar and emphasizing the role of fruits and high fiber vegetables in one's eating regimen are, undoubtedly, the significant advantages of the Sugar Busters diet.

On the other side, the opponents of the Sugar Busters note that the role of sugar as the main culprit of obesity is significantly overestimated by the creators of the said diet. Besides, some experts point out that the diet may lead to calcium deficiency because it is too high in protein.

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