Sugar Busters: Diet Plan

According to the statement of the diet authors, Sugar Busters program is not just another fad diet, but a logical, practical, and reasonable nutritional lifestyle. The whole concept of weight loss is about how, what, and when to eat. In order to understand what dieting with Sugar Busters looks like and feels like, let us find the answers to those fundamental questions.

How to eat? Definitely, the fundamental rule of how to eat when you are on the Sugar Busters is the following: never add refined sugar to your meal. Besides, the authors of the diet state that moderation in meal portions is the most important aspect. In fact, the dieting is not difficult, because there is no portion measuring or counting calories.

While dieting, people should not forget about hydration, say the authors of Sugar Busters. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water during a day is encouraged by the dieting rules and eating recommendations.

What to eat? At first glance it may seem that when on Sugar Busters diet, you are allowed to eat everything except refined or table sugar. However, it is not true. Really, the program does restrict sugar consumption significantly, but it does not exclude it completely from the daily menu of a dieter. Fruits, such as apricots, apples, pears, cherries, tangerines and oranges, being natural sources of sugar, are welcomed by the Sugar Busters.

High fiber vegetables, such as beans, lettuce, peas, spinach, cabbage, celery, cucumbers and broccoli, as well whole grains, are preferred food options within the Sugar Busters diet. Fiber is beneficial, because it slows down the process of food digestion, thus preventing rapid increase of sugar and insulin in blood, as well as eliminating the feeling of hunger.

Speaking about carbohydrates in general, Sugar Busters program recommends eating low-glycemic or low-insulin producing carbohydrates. Meat should be present in the menu as an important source of protein, but it should be lean and trimmed. The attitude of the Sugar Busters to fats does not differ much from that of the majority of the other eating plans. Saturated fats and transfats are dangerous for human health, causing obesity, heart and vascular diseases; consequently, natural oils, such as olive oil or canola, should be preferred.

The list of banned products within the Sugar Busters includes potato, carrots, corn, raisins, fried chicken, pasta, rice, bacon and beer.

When to eat? Sugar Busters eating approach does not have any time-limited stages or phases of dieting. Following the program, a dieter is allowed to have three regular meals; snacks are also allowed. The restrictions refer only to eating late in the evening or night. A dieter is not allowed to have snacks right before going to bed, since it leads to insulin release, which is not beneficial for the human organism because it stimulates the bed cholesterol production. Missing even one regular meal is forbidden by the rules of the Sugar Busters.

What about exercising? Exercising is an important part of the healthy nutrition. However, Sugar Busters diet says that it is of key importance to exercise regularly, but without excessive ambitions. Dieters are encouraged to have 20-minutes workouts four days per week in order to ensure healthy weight loss and improve heart health.


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