Sugar Busters: General Information

Diet Author Nutritional approach, called Sugar Busters, is the result of the collective work of a group of professionals: H. Leighton Steward, Luis A. Balart, Morrison C. Bethea and Samuel S. Andrews. Mr. Steward has a Master of Science degree and the other authors are Masters of Medicine, practicing different branches of medical science, such as gastroenterology and hepatology, cardiovascular surgery, and endocrinology respectively.

Diet Categorization Comparing the Sugar Busters eating recommendations with the traditional approach to nutrition, the diet under review is low carbohydrate and high protein eating plan. Typical Sugar Busters meal should contain 40% of carbohydrates, 40 % of protein and up to 30% of fat. Complete Medical Encyclopedia from the American Medical Association recommends 60% of carbohydrates, 30% of fat and 10% of protein in one’ meal.

Diet History The principles of Sugar Busters originate from the French diet book “Dine Out and Lose Weight” by Michel Montignac. The first book on the Sugar Busters was published in 1998 in the USA. Another books: Sugar Busters Shoppers Guide, Cookbook and Sugar Busters for Kids appeared in 2003, 1999 and 2003 respectively. The most recent version of the diet appeared in 2003 with the book “The New Sugar Busters”.

Diet motto Declaring sugar to be toxic for human organism, Sugar Busters diet calls upon all the overweight and obese sufferers to cut sugar in order to trim fat. According to the key principle of the diet, the excessive amount of refined sugar in the consumed products makes the body release excessive amount of insulin into the blood stream.

Insulin converts sugar into glycogen, which is used as immediate energy source for body functions. However, the body can store only the limited amount of glycogen in the liver and muscles. The rest of blood sugar is transformed into fat and stored as body fat. That is why reducing sugar in one's daily ration may stop the weight gain and ensure reduction of the excessive body fat.

Diet Duration The duration of dieting with Sugar Busters is indefinite. The authors say that Sugar Busters is not a diet, but a nutritional lifestyle. So, it is not about stages, time-limited phases of dieting, etc. One is encouraged just to incorporate the rules of Sugar Busters into personal eating regimen and follow them lifelong.

What improvements are declared by the diet? Just like the diet duration, the rates of weight loss are also undefined within the Sugar Busters. However, it is said that due to the reduced consumption of refined sugar, Sugar Busters diet may help lower cholesterol level, increase body energy, improve general wellness and prevent diabetes and other insulin-related diseases.


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